Toughbuilt Scraper Utility Knife (Retractable)

Toughbuilt Tackles Three Tasks in One Tool

Toughbuilt launched a first-of-its-kind retractable utility knife. It pulls triple duty as a utility knife, scraper, and light-duty pry bar. We love to multitask and can appreciate a tool that combines a couple of key uses into one. The Toughbuilt Retractable Scraper Utility Knife looks to have the sort of design that makes for super simple transitions between applications. We could easily see this tool become a favorite of those in the construction, painting, industrial, or DIY fields.

Check out the Toughbuilt Scraper Utility Knife in Action!

tool in action

Toughbuilt Scraper Utility Knife Design Notes

The Toughbuilt design team has engineered the Scraper Utility Knife with unique thumb switch mechanism that quickly flips the position of the blade. By pressing the button at the business end of the knife housing, you can unlock the blade from its normal cutting position and move it to a position more conducive to scraping away paint, putty, adhesives, labels, and more.

Because of this proprietary mechanism, this tool requires the use of special blades that include a central trapezoidal hole which it uses to secure the blade during travel. These blades also work on traditional utility knives, but standard blades won’t work with this tool.

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