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Dewalt Teases Best-Ever Cordless Impact Driver DCF860

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Dewalt has started to drop teasers about their upcoming DCF860 cordless impact driver.

We’ve been hearing about the DCF860 for a while, and Dewalt is now promoting it internationally, saying “brace for impact,” and that the new model is “coming soon.”

Lowe’s has a page up for the DCF860 as well, suggesting it’s going to be launched in the USA in the near future.

The Dewalt DCF860 is described – via Lowe’s description – as being the brand’s highest torque impact driver.”

It delivers a whopping 2500 in-lbs of max torque, which beats Milwaukee’s best M18 Fuel offering, as well as the top Makita XGT and Metabo HPT Bolt impact drivers.

Dewalt DCF860 Impact Driver Tool-Only

The DCF860 also sports a 9-LED worklight with 20 minute flashlight mode. According to preorder listings, the ring of light delivers 82 lumens of illumination.

In addition to delivering more torque, the DCF860 is fast, with a top speed and impact rate of 3800 RPM and 4500 IPM, respectively.

Here’s how the new DCF860 compares to Dewalt’s other 20V Max brushless impact drivers right now:

Dewalt 20V Max Brushless Impact Drivers
DCF860 2500 in-lbs
3800 RPM
DCF850 (Atomic) 1825 in-lbs
3250 RPM
DCF845 (XR) 1825 in-lbs
3400 RPM
DCF840 1700 in-lbs
3200 RPM
DCF887 (XR) 1825 in-lbs
3800 RPM
DCF809 (Atomic) 1700 in-lbs
3200 RPM
Dewalt DCF860 Impact Driver Speed Control Settings

The new impact has 3 speeds, with 2 being “optimized for self-drilling screws.”

Retailers have been showing off what the Dewalt DCF860 can do. Here’s a quick demo by Sydney Tools:

The DCF860 is larger than the DCF850, but still seems to pair well with the compact PowerStack battery.

With respect to application speeds, the DCF860 appears to be their highest performing impact driver, and could possibly be the industry’s best.

We asked Dewalt for more information about a month ago but don’t yet have official word about USA details or availability.

Dewalt 20V Max DCF860 Impact Driver Side View

That Lowe’s has a page up for the impact, and of a 20V Max model, indicates it’s coming to the USA, and that it’s just a matter of timing.

It’s also clear that the DCF860 will be part of the XR line, rather than Atomic as with the DCF850.

At this time, we don’t know if the DCF860 is replacing any other brushless impact drivers. If allowed to guess, I think it will be positioned as Dewalt’s new flagship model, taking the place of the DCF887.

Price: $199 (tool-only DCF860B) – subject to change

Lowes Dewalt DCF860 Product Page Screen Capture

Lowe’s product page is tricky. It comes up sometimes, and other times auto-redirects to a Dewalt category page. Here’s a screen capture from today. I suspect the link will work more reliably when we get closer to the official launch.