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Will Dewalt Update Their Cordless Miter Saws in 2021?

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A reader asked a great question – are we going to see new Dewalt cordless miter saws any time soon?

I am also often asked two related questions:

Will Dewalt make a FlexVolt 10″ miter saw?

When will Dewalt come out with a brushless 7-1/4″ miter saw?

Will Dewalt be updating their cordless miter saws in 2021?

These are never easy questions to answer. Back when Dewalt first launched their 20V Max 7-1/4″ miter saw, I asked them why they didn’t engineer it with a brushless motor. Their response? “It doesn’t need one.”

The brushed motor built into Dewalt’s 20V Max 7-1/4″ saw delivered the cutting power and runtime that they were after. Dewalt said they would launch brushless tools and upgrades when and where it made sense.

Of course, they could have just been saying this. The DCS361 7-1/4″ miter saw was launched quite a few years ago – back in mid-2015 – when prices were higher and there were relatively few brushless power tools on the market.

I’ve used this miter saw before, and it’s a stronger performer, with my only major complaint being the blade change process, something I hope has since been remedied.

What about a cordless 10″ miter saw?

Dewalt DCS778 FlexVolt 10 Inch Sliding Miter Saw

Here’s the thing – Dewalt does have additional FlexVolt cordless miter saws available in Europe – sliding 8.5″ and 10″ models. You just can’t buy them here.

Dewalt launched the FlexVolt lineup with 120V Max 12″ and 12″ sliding miter saws. A few years ago, I was told that the 12″ non-sliding saw was discontinued.

So, right now there’s a 20V Max brushed 7-1/4″ miter saw and a FlexVolt 120V Max 12″ sliding miter saw.

Dewalt could be updating these miter saws, or adding additional models to the USA market, such as an often asked-about 10″ saw.

But the same possibilities have existed for quite some time now.

I was asked about the potential for new Dewalt cordless miter saws 2 years ago in early 2019.

I know it’s frustrating, but nothing has changed since then. There are no new FlexVolt or 20V Max models.

Personally, I think it all comes down to price. Right now, the 7-1/4″ has a pricing advantage over brushless competitors, and that will often be the deciding factor when it comes to users’ purchasing decisions.

Can Dewalt engineers build a competitive 10″ or 10″ sliding miter saw? Sure! But will it sell? If there’s not much of a price different between 10″ and 12″ saws, how many users would skip the 10″ and go for the 12″?

Keep in mind that Dewalt and their retail partners keep track of sales numbers and shopper interests. If Dewalt projects a 20-to-1 preference for 12″ sliding miter saws compared to a new 10″ model, what should they do? What would you do?

This is hypothetical of course, but think about it. Dewalt can absolutely produce a FlexVolt 10″ sliding miter saw, as well as a brushless-upgrade 7-1/4″ sliding miter saw.

Would you spend more for a 10″ saw than a 12″?

I’m sure Dewalt listens to user requests and demands, but they also have access to the types of voting that is being done by shoppers’ wallets.

There’s nothing coming down the pipeline, at least nothing that I’ve heard about.

When will we see new models? When Dewalt feels the time is right. If I had to bet, I’d predict that we’ll see a new Dewalt 20V Max Atomic Series brushless miter saw sometime next year in 2022. Or, maybe not.

There’s strategic value with an Atomic Series cordless miter saw, and with Home Depot being a strong Dewalt retail partner, we might see a high volume sales push that helps bring such a saw to market.

What I’m trying to say is that there are lots reasons why brands don’t launch all of the tools users are asking for, but few of us will be privy to such intricacies.

Do you wish Dewalt added or upgraded any models in their 20V Max or FlexVolt cordless power tool systems? Speak up, and maybe they’ll hear you.

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