Everyone Needs a Pocket Screwdriver

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Everyone needs a pocket screwdriver, technician’s screwdriver, or mini bit screwdriver of some kind. Whatever you want to call them, these screwdrivers are convenient for opening battery compartments and for gentle prying tasks.

Prying? My wife’s car key fob needs a new battery, and you have to pry it apart to get to the battery. One of my mini slotted screwdrivers is the only tool that can do this. While I usually avoid treating a screwdriver like a pry bar, sometimes it’s the only way to get something done.

You have lots of options when it comes to convenient technician-type screwdrivers.

Stanley 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver STHT60082

The Stanley 4-in-1 pocket screwdriver (STHT60082 ~$2 via Home Depot) is an updated version of one of my long-time favorites. It features two double-ended bits (Phillips #0, #1, slotted 5/32″, 1/8″) and a durable plastic housing.

Availability seems to fluctuate, but at the time of this posting it’s just $2 at Home Depot and with free shipping.

Other brands have similar tools, such as the General Tools 744 that’s available at Amazon.

Klein Tools Pocket Screwdriver

I also really like the Klein Tools 4-in-1 precision screwdriver (32614 , $15 via Amazon), which comes with Phillips #0, #00, and slotted 1/8″, 3/32″ screwdriver bit tips. Two of the features that separate this from lesser and even more premium models is its rotating end cap and “concealable” shaft that helps to prevent torn pockets.

The price is a little high if the screwdriver will live in a junk drawer or kitchen cabinet most of the time, but it’s a fantastic choice for pocket-carry and EDC.

There’s a less premium Klein 4-in-1 driver for $10 at Home Depot or $12 at Amazon.

Picquic Teeny Turner

I would also recommend the Picquic Teeny Turner. One thing to be aware of is that the Teeny Turner has very small bit lengths. Picquic also has a 3pc screwdriver set that comes with a mix of their screwdriver sizes, and I’d consider that if I couldn’t find a Teeny Turner locally. The 3pc set is also available in orange.

Due to its shape, I find the Picquic Teenty Turner to be a better fit in a drawer or tool box than carried in a pocket. But, you can possibly make it work for pocket-carry if you leave out the 7th screwdriver bit. However, that 7th bit that’s stored in the working end makes it easier to retrieve one of the other bits from the 6 in-handle storage slots when swapping sizes.

General and PB Swiss Pocket Precision Screwdrivers

Shown here is the aforementioned General Tools 4-in-1 screwdriver next to a PB Swiss technician screwdriver.

PB Swiss Technician Screwdriver

I use the PB Swiss screwdriver quite a bit, and one lives in the kitchen for use on battery-powered toys and similar needs. The PB Swiss is a little different than the other models discussed above, as it only comes with one double-ended bit.

The PB Swiss screwdriver is actually quite affordable at just over $10 via Count On Tools, and it’s priced even better during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal every year. However, shipping fees usually make small orders costlier than expected.

One PB Swiss screwdriver (in red) has a Phillips #0 and medium slotted bit, and the others (available in red and many other colors) have a #00 Phillips bit and smaller slotted bit. The slotted bit from my #0 screwdriver measures ~3/32″, and so I’d approximate the #00 slotted to be ~1/16″. I have one in both sizes.

PB Swiss Insider Mini Screwdriver

PB Swiss also has the Insider Mini, ~$25 at Count On Tools which comes with three double-ended screwdriver bits instead of just one, and with storage slots for each of them. There are two bit configuration options. The $25 price tag seems steep, but you get 6 screwdriver tip styles instead of just 2, and the screwdriver is shorter in-pocket due to not needing or coming with a cap.

Which Screwdriver Bit Sizes to Look for?

I’ve found Phillips #0 to be versatile enough for opening battery compartments or working with wiring terminals, but I also have other mini screwdrivers available.

4-in-1 screwdrivers offer double sizes compared to 2-in-1 drivers, and that can often make the difference between completing a task and having to stop everything to track down a different tool.

The Stanley pocket screwdriver mentioned above has a Phillips #1, while the Klein has a Phillips #00. Phillips #0 seems standard, and you will usually have to chose between going bigger or smaller for the other size.

Regardless of the model, everyone needs some form of mini screwdriver in their kit.

A small set of precision or jewelers screwdrivers might be a good alternative, but you need to be far more careful about product selection and quality. A $5 mini screwdriver set seems like a good idea until the shafts start free-spinning in their handles.

Precision bit sets are another option, but I’ve found pocket screwdrivers to be more convenient for field work or tasks where I’m moving around a lot. 4-in-1 screwdrivers also tend to be much more pocketable and similarly take up less space in a tool pouch, bag, or box.

What mini screwdrivers do you use around the house or workshop?

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