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Milwaukee Cobalt Step Bits for Mild and Stainless Steel

Milwaukee Cobalt Step Bits Engineered to Outlast Other Bits on the Market

Milwaukee Tool recently revealed they’d be taking the next step (no pun intended) to being a full solution provider in the step drill bit market with the introduction of their Cobalt Step Bits.

These join the company’s existing line of Black Oxide and Shockwave step bits, giving Milwaukee Tool a more complete solution depending upon what hole-drilling application you have in mind.

Milwaukee Carbide Step Bits In action

How Do They Do It?

At first glance, we see no reason not to expect these bits to match up pretty well against the best in the business. Milwaukee Tool is claiming they have more than enough to cut through stainless steel, and they provide over 1,000 holes in mild steel. The elongated dual flute design contributes to above average heat management and smaller 1/32″ steps should provide a smooth drilling experience.

Rapid Strike Tip

Milwaukee put what they call a Rapid Strike Tip on these cobalt step bits which helps them drill more quickly in materials like stainless. Also, the 3-Flat Secure-Grip shaft should give that keyless ratcheting chuck in your Milwaukee M18 FUEL drill plenty of bite so it doesn’t slip.

Milwaukee 48-89-9284 cobalt bit laser engraving

We like the Laser engraving right on the flutes of these bits. We’re starting to see that a lot, and it really makes it easy to make sure you’ve got the size you need—as well as where to stop drilling. Finally, these Cobalt Set Bits are recommended for up to 14 gauge mild and stainless steel.


  • Up to 15X Life in Stainless Steel & Over 1000 Holes in Mild Steel
  • Up to 2x Faster with Rapid Strike Tip
  • Elongated dual-flute for best heat management
  • Smaller steps for the smoothest drilling experience
  • The Rapid Strike Tip provides fast and accurate starts
  • Optimized for use in a cordless drill
  • Made in the USA with global materials
  • Laser-engraved reference marks: Easily stop on any hole size 3-Flat secure-grip shanks reduce bit slippage in the chuck

Pricing and Availability

You can get any of the three new Milwaukee Cobalt Step Bits individually, or in a 3 PC set providing you with all sizes. Pricing ranges from $49.97 to $199.99. Expect to see these bits around May of 2021.

Milwaukee Cobalt Step Bits Options

Sku Size Price
48-89-9281 #1 (1/8-1/2”) $49.99
48-89-9284 #4 (3/16-7/8”) $74.99
48-89-9289 #9 (7/8-1-1/8”) $99.99
48-89-9291 3-Piece Set $199

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