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Fantastic DIY Bluetooth Speaker Build, with Epoxy Dovetail Joints

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A couple of months ago I came across a very enjoyable video where a maker, King Minhvuong, builds a Bluetooth speaker from scratch. I started watching the same maker’s more recent project video, and realized I never shared about their first one yet.

There are lots of reasons why I enjoyed the build video and what I felt compelled to share it.

A lot of time and effort went into their work, but they make it look easy. Yes, quite a few woodworking tools are involved, but it’s not like they are using a $10,000 CNC machine, or exotic state of the art machinery in a huge industrial-sized space.

So not only is the project video enjoyable to watch, it’s inspiring in a “hey, maybe I can try my hand at that” kind of way.

Videos like this also provide a wealth of tip and tricks. For creating an oval-shaped cutout, I would ordinarily drill two holes and connect them. But what if you need arcs of a different size? The maker here uses a trim router with circle-cutting guide.

I enjoyed this DIY Bluetooth speaker building video, you might too.

And hey – they use epoxy, but it’s not another river table!

Creator: King Minhvuong via YouTube

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