Exploring the New DEWALT 20V MAX 3×360 Green Line Laser

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DEWALT recently announced a new line of 12V MAX*/20V MAX* green lasers and sent over a sample of the new 3×360° green line laser for review and testing purposes.

We are also in a paid sponsorship with DEWALT to explore the new 20V MAX* 3×360° green line laser in launch coverage. As part of the partnership, we asked if DEWALT could set one aside for a reader giveaway, and they obliged. (The giveaway will go live tomorrow, 4/15/2021.)

Check out our recent news post for a brief rundown on the features and benefits of the new DEWALT 20V MAX* green laser levels.

After participating in a virtual presentation and Q&A session about the 3×360° green line laser, it became clear that DEWALT’s new green laser levels were designed to better address users’ needs and wants. They’re not just about being new or improved, but about being designed specifically with end users in mind.

Dewalt 20V Max 3x360 Green Line Laser Front

The new DEWALT 20V MAX* 3×360° green line laser, model DCLE34030G for the kit and DCLE34030GB for the bare tool, has independent laser lines in x, y, and z planes.

Dewalt 20V Max 3x360 Green Line Laser Hero2

Each axis is independently controllable via buttons at the rear of the tool, next to the built-in battery fuel gauge. I really like this configuration, as this means the main controls are uncoupled from the laser housing.

The pendulum lock button is still on the laser head modular itself, but the days of accidentally shifting your laser when toggling one of the laser axes are over.

It did not take long for me to get accustomed to the user interface, and I can now toggle laser lines on and off by feel.

Now, let’s talk about the main selling points, the reasons you might want to consider upgrading to the new 3×360° green line laser.

DEWALT 20V MAX* Battery Compatibility Means Longer Runtime

Dewalt 20V Max 3x360 Green Line Laser Battery Compartment

First, you might have noticed that the new DEWALT green lasers are part of the 20V MAX* cordless power tool family, which is a divergence from preceding products that were exclusively part of their 12V MAX* system.

The fact remains that 18V/20V MAX* cordless power tool systems are still predominantly used in commercial jobsites and work environments. And now, here’s a laser that can be powered by the same battery pack as your DEWALT 20V MAX* cordless power tools.

The laser can work with DEWALT 20V MAX* batteries up to 8.0Ah, meaning it will work with their compact, high capacity, and next-gen 10-cell batteries up to 8.0Ah. A full list of compatible SKUs can be found at DEWALT.com.

With a 20V MAX* 2.0Ah battery pack (included with the kit), you get up to 10 hours of runtime, on average, and with all laser lines powered.

With up to 10 hours of runtime on a 2.0Ah battery, that’s all-day runtime.

DEWALT 12V MAX* Battery Compatibility

You can also use 12V MAX* batteries as well. It is good to have options.

Less Disruptive Battery Changes

Whenever you remove and install a battery, there’s a chance of disturbing your laser alignment, which can set you back to a lengthy setup and adjustment process. DEWALT gave their new lasers 20V MAX* battery compatibility for longer runtime.

Even so, if you should need to swap batteries, you can do so with minimal disruption to your laser alignment. I found the battery included in the kit to be easily removed and reinstalled.

* With respect to 12V MAX*: Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 12 volts. Nominal voltage is 10.8.
* With respect to 20V MAX*: Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.

Fine Adjustment Knob

Dewalt 20V Max 3x360 Green Line Laser Vertical Adjustment Knob

Speaking of alignment, here’s a closeup of the fine adjust knob, which is used for manually adjusting the vertical alignment axis.

Perfectly setting up your vertical laser can be tricky with a lot of lasers on the market, as even a small angular change at your laser can lead to exaggerated movements on your alignment surface.

To be frank, I did not like DEWALT’s fine adjustment knob at first – it felt a little stiff to me. However, I quickly realize that this was by design – the knob was not stiff, it had friction. In use, I learned that this friction contributed to finer control and more precise adjustments.

Compared to some other products I have used, DEWALT’s new green line laser was easier to align, requiring less effort to chase down my mark.

Dewalt 20V Max 3x360 Green Line Laser Battery Vertical Alignment

Here’s a quick visualization of what the quick adjustment knob does – it rotates the laser body along the horizontal axis to shift the position of the vertical laser line.

This knob is used for fine-tuning your vertical line. For large changes, simply grab the laser housing and rotate it by hand.

Laser Mounting Options

Dewalt 20V Max 3x360 Green Line Laser Magnetic Mounting

DEWALT gives you standard 1/4″-20 and 5/8″-11 threaded tripod mount options on the bottom, as well as a magnetic wall mounting plate with screw holes and a drop-ceiling track clip.

At the rear of the laser itself, there’s a keyhole slot and also an improved magnetic base that provides for incredibly secure mounting to ferrous materials.

Features & Specifications

  • 12V MAX* and 20V MAX* battery compatibility
  • Green laser technology for high visibility (510-530nm)
  • 100′ range
  • ±1/8″ accuracy at 30′
  • Leveling time ≤ 3 seconds
  • Self-leveling range ±4°
  • Over-molded housing
  • Magnetic base
  • Battery state of charge indicator
  • Tripod threads (1/4″, 5/8″)
  • Fine adjustment knob
  • Locking pendulum
  • Pivoting laser head
  • TSTAK storage system tool box
  • IP54 rated (tool-only, and not the battery or charger)

Should You Buy One?

Given that DEWALT has sponsored our exploration of their new green line laser, I’m reluctant to provide any recommendations.

However, I can tell you that I have been enjoying using this for projects around the home and workshop, and that I think DEWALT made some very good decisions with this design.

But should YOU buy one? Well, how important is uninterrupted runtime to you? What about the ability to fine-tune your vertical laser axis?

For me, runtime is important, and ease of use, convenience, and mounting versatility even more so.

I should also mention that, since this is a green line laser, its brightness and visibility puts most red lasers to shame. Its range is said to be 100 feet, or 165 feet with the use of DEWALT’s laser detector (DW0892G, sold separately).

Pricing and Availability

Price: $549 for the kit (DCLE34030G), $499 for the bare tool (DCLE34030GB)

The kit comes with a DEWALT 20V MAX* 2.0Ah battery, 20V MAX*/12V MAX* charger, wall mount bracket, target card, and TSTAK storage system tool box. The bare tool includes everything but the battery and charger.

Buy Now: Kit via Tool Nut
Buy Now: Bare Tool via Tool Nut
Learn More via DEWALT


I’ll be spending more time with this laser – please let me know if you have any questions.

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