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Milwaukee M12 Brushless Rotary Tool is Finally Here!

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The Milwaukee M12 brushless rotary tool that everyone has been waiting for, model 2525, has finally hit the market.

Milwaukee launched their original M12 cordless rotary tool (2460) nearly 13 years ago, and users have been requesting a brushless upgrade for the last couple of years.

The new M12 brushless rotary tool is said to deliver best-in-class application speed, with 30% faster RPMs under load.

Milwaukee M12 Brushless Cordless Rotary Tool 2525 Collet Wrench

It has an integrated collet wrench, for quick accessory changes.

Milwaukee M12 Brushless Cordless Rotary Tool Attachment Compatibility

It’s also advertised as being compatible with threaded rotary tool attachments, which suggests it will work with existing accessories from Dremel and other brands.

Milwaukee M12 Brushless Cordless Rotary Tool 2525

The M12 brushless rotary tool features variable speed controls with 12 settings from 5,000 to 27,500 RPM.

The tool comes with a 1/8″ collet and is also compatible with 1/32″, 1/16″, and 3/32″ collets, which are not included.

Price: $129 for tool-only, $199 for the 1-battery kit


A relatively compact rotary tool with brushless motor and is powered by Milwaukee’s M12 cordless power tool batteries? Yes, please!

I have a couple of rotary tool attachments and jigs that are plenty versatile as-is, but cordless power and high performance really unlock their potential.

I am really looking forward to reviewing this one in 2024.

Milwaukee had plenty of years to do their homework, and so far it seems that they got things right.

There’s one thing I’m very curious about – the speed selector switch.

Milwaukee M12 Brushless Cordless Rotary Tool Speed Selector Switch

You press a (+) button to increase the speed, and (-) button to decrease the speed.

There are 6 LEDs that display the current speed setting. Every other speed (odd) displays as solid, and the others (even) blink before turning solid. In this way, you have 6 LEDs indicating 12 speed settings.

The tool remembers the last-set speed setting every time it’s turned on.

Is anyone else excited about the new M12 cordless rotary tool?