Readers’ Top 10 Amazon Tool Buys in 2023

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I thought it would be interesting to take a look at readers’ top 10 Amazon tool purchases from this year.

As is generally the case, the bestseller’s list roughly resembles Amazon’s better Prime Day and Black Friday promotions.

There are two exceptions – the tool box and scissors, which are personal favorites, weren’t on sale.

Logix Tool Box

Logix Made in USA Ammo Can Style Tool Box in Clear Plastic

The Logix tool box is the clear and undisputed bestseller of the year, and for good reason – it’s extremely versatile and inexpensive.

I posted about the ArtBin tool/gear box nearly a year ago, and the comments section discussion led me to this Logix. I posted about it in February, and again since then.

I bought more, and I’m probably not done. While I prefer the ArtBin, the Logix is unbeatable for the money. I will likely snag some more when the price drops to $5 again.

Dewalt 14pc Drill Bit Set

Dewalt 14pc Drill Bit Set DWA1184

I don’t know how Dewalt gets away with selling 14 decent quality drill bits plus a reusable case for under $10 with free shipping.

This is a bestseller every year.

Craftman Magnetic Tool Tray

Craftsman Collapsible Magnetic Parts Tray 2-Pack Thumbnail

The price went up (boo), but not before I bought 3 sets for my own use.

Gearwrench MicroDriver Tool Set

Gearwrench MicroDriver Tool Set with Black Case

I bought my Gearwrench MicroDriver tool set on sale too, years ago.

The price is pretty terrible now, but if you missed the deal I’m sure there will be another promo in a couple of months – maybe next Prime Day.

Fluke GFCI Socket Tester

Fluke ST120 Plus Outlet Tester Angled View

I bought one of these in July, during the Prime Day sale. Did I need a new socket tester? No. Did any of you?

But, I’m happy I got in on the deal – I’ve slowly been upgrading some of my testing tools. This one’s a little higher priced, but is a more premium design. Plus it’s a Fluke.

Knipex TwinGrip Pliers

Knipex TwinGrip Pliers Jaws with Basic Handles

Of course Knipex made slip joint pliers popular again.

While I tend to prefer cushion-grip pliers, I like this version of the TwinGrip better, due to the handles being more pocketable.

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless HEPA Vacuum

Dewalt 20V Cordless Vacuum DCV501HB Tool-Only

I recently mulled over whether I should donate my test sample yet or not, and opted to keep it (for now). It’s a great compact and convenient cordless vacuum that comes with a lot of useful accessories.

You can still get the tool-only vac for the same price as throughout the holiday season ($99).

Streamlight MicroStream LED Flashlight

Streamlight Microstream LED Flashlight in Black

This one surprised me. The Streamlight Stylus Pro (2x AAA), is usually a top-10 bestseller, but the 1x AAA MicroStream was on sale this year and won over more wallets.

Engineer Compact Scissors

Engineer PH-55 Scissors

I bought my first Engineer PH-55 scissors more than 10 years ago and at nearly double the price it’s selling for today.

These aren’t the strongest or flashiest scissors, but they’re compact, convenient, and built to high quality.

Most of the best-selling deals are typically of the “yeah, I can use that” variety.

12-in-1 Survival Tool Set

Veitorld 12-in-1 Survival Tool Set

And then there’s… this.

Harbor Freight launched a 12pc survival tool kit. I noticed that the “compare to” model was priced lower at Amazon, and so I included a link to it in that post too.

I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised; if you look at all of the similar kits currently available for sale at Amazon, they’re selling by the thousands.

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