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E-Win Flash XL Gaming Chair Review

In a market becoming more and more saturated by mass-produced merchandise with questionable quality, E-Win continues to impress us with the quality and comfort they provide with their gaming and office chairs. While not inexpensive, the E-Win Flash XL gaming chair provides quality at a reasonable price.

The Flash XL Upgraded Series chair took the fundamentals of what we liked about the E-Win Heavy Duty Gaming Chair and introduced some new technology. They also added some quality-of-life features that put this chair in the ranks of some of the best we’ve reviewed.

E-Win Flash XL Gaming Chair Build Quality

E-Win constructed the Flash XL around a sturdy steel frame, wrapped in E-Win’s Brisa Ultra P2 leather. The leather has a sleek look and is stain-resistant. This should keep your chair looking clean even after long sessions of work or gaming.

The seat cushion and backrest offer a lot of support. E-Win uses a high-quality cold-cure foam. It should support E-Win’s claim of being able to support “550 pounds of gaming excellence”.

The caster wheels on the E-Win Flash XL slide very nicely on both my hard plastic desk mat and carpet. This is worth noting, because many chairs don’t get along with carpet. By the looks and feel of these wheels, I’d venture to say they’re more durable than many other casters. We’ve put them up against hardwood, laminate, tile, and other office and studio flooring.

One thing to keep in mind, this is the Flash XL model so it is intended for larger and taller users. Be sure to review the dimensions of your desk to make sure it comfortably fits your setup and body type.

Flash XL Office Gaming Chair Controls and Features

The tilt and recline function deliver exactly what you’d expect, and maybe even more. You can leave the tilt lever unlocked and freely rock back and forth, or lock it into a desired spot. It gives you the same freedom when reclining. You can lock the chair in a vertical position for those intense mid-game moments. Additionally, you can fully lean the chair back for resting.

The lever on the right-hand side of the E-Win Flash XL gaming chair adjusts the internal lumbar support, so you can dial in exactly what feels comfortable for you and helps maintain good posture. In addition, E-Win includes a lumbar support pillow made of the same high-quality foam we see in the chair’s seat cushion.

You also receive a very comfortable memory foam head pillow, with built-in magnets that allow you to attach it directly to the head of the E-Win Flash XL. I was impressed by this feature, as I hadn’t seen it in any of the other chairs I’d had before this one. It’s got a surprisingly strong connection to the headrest and leaves behind the hassle of the chincy strap & clip mechanisms you see on other chairs.

The headrest isn’t the only place you’ll find magnets, as the armrests also connect magnetically, a feature we’ve only seen in recent models. The connection is strong, and you have complete control over the rotation, height, width, and depth of the armrests.

How It Feels and Final Thoughts

During my leisure time, which involves gaming, working on creative projects, and watching Youtube videos, spending hours in an uncomfortable chair has led to lingering aches in the past. The E-Win Flash XL not only eliminated that discomfort but also enhanced the enjoyment of my PC setup. The freedom from worry about discomfort allows for increased focus and immersion in games, projects, or videos.

As of the writing of this article, the E-Win Flash XL is priced at $549, making it a worthwhile addition to your studio or office.