Last Chance to Buy a Leatherman OHT Multi-Tool

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This is your last chance to buy a Leatherman OHT multi-tool.

Leatherman discontinued the OHT and said they put together one last production run of about 1000 units. They add that this is a last call – “get one before they’re gone.”

I reviewed the Leatherman OHT multi-tool around 11 years ago, and it quickly became one of my favorite multi-tools. It has held up well over the years.

Leatherman bested Gerber at their own shtick, with quicker and less finicky one-handed pliers deployment. The OHT delivered convenient and hassle-free one-handed pliers deployment.

All of the other tools, which are outside-accessible, are decent too, but the pliers are the best and sole reason I continue to use my OHT.

My Leatherman Free multi-tool opens quickly enough to where my OHT has been seeing even less use. I have had zero regrets about this tool. Would I buy the OHT again today? Well, that depends. On a limited budget? Yes. On a limited budget where I could afford a Free series multi-tool? No.

If money is no option, this would be the third or fourth Leatherman multi-tool I’d buy, following at least a Free series multi-tool, and a Skeletool.

All that said, I very much recommend the Leatherman OHT multi-tool, I just wanted to make it clear this is a niche tool you should have a reason for buying. If you’re not sure, Leatherman many other recommendable multi-tools.

Surprisingly, its price had barely budged in the past 10+ years, which cannot be said about most of Leatherman’s other multi-tools.

Price: $89.95

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