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Here’s a Quick-Grab Zippered Pouch for EDC Gear

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The ITS nylon zip bag is a well-featured no-frills pouch that’s versatile and affordable.

I have been using this zippered pouch for quite a few years now, and see it as a fantastic way to haul EDC gear, such as tools, masks, gloves, a small first aid kit, or similar.

ITS Nylon Zip Bag in Black

These pouches measure 8.5″ wide x 6″ tall and are available in black and red.

ITS Nylon Zip Bag in Red

There are many zippered pouches on the market, and these are differentiated by having grab handles and a Vecro-type strip for attaching labels or badges.

The pouches are made from Cordura, a very durable nylon fabric.

I bought a couple of zippered bags from ITS back in 2017 for $15 or $17 each (depending on the color).

My red nylon pouch has been great over the years for holding things like clean N95 masks, spare disposable gloves, personal or first aid supplies, and even snacks for the kids.

The red fabric helps it stand out in a bag, and I load it with whatever I might need to access quickly.

I find the 8.5″ x 6″ size to be well suited for miscellaneous gear. It could hold smaller tools as well, but I have yet to use it for that.

Mine came with a hook and loop-type badge, which are now a separate purchase.

The price is lower now than when I purchased mine – they’re $10 each at the time of this posting.

These are compact, durable, and the grab handles make them easy to quickly retrieve from a bag. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Price: $10 (“regularly $20”)

A Larger and Less Expensive Option


ToughBuilt fastener bags, which I wrote about here, are also zippered pouches with a single grab handle and metal grommet. They have mesh window panels so you can see the contents at a glance.

The ToughBuilt pouches are larger, and so I wouldn’t use them in place of my ITS pouch. Like the ITS pouches, these have a grab handle – but just one, which is often enough.

Amazon has the ToughBuilt pouch at 3 for $13 at the time of this posting.