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Gearwrench Just Launched a $5000 Tool Box

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Gearwrench launched a new 72″ GSX series that they say is “built for the day-to-day needs of professional users.”

It comes with a serious price tag – $4999.99 at an independent retailer, and $5499 at Home Depot.

The rolling tool cabinet has 4 casters (2 swivel, 2 fixed), each with an advertised weight capacity of 1200 lbs.

There are 18 drawers, (8) with 150 lb load capacity and (10) with double ball bearing slides for 300 lb load capacity.

Gearwrench GSX 72-inch Tool Cabinet Stainless Steel Worktop

The tool cabinet features a “premium quality stainless steel worktop.”

Gearwrench GSX 72-inch Tool Cabinet Drawer Retention

The drawers have a “trigger lock system,” which looks similar – at least in function – to the Craftsman Griplatch system.

Gearwrench GSX 72-inch Tool Cabinet Casters

The casters have a built-in spring suspension system.

Gearwrench GSX 72-inch Tool Cabinet with Black Trim

There are two versions – one with silver drawer pull trim, and one with black trim.

The tool boxes have a “textured coated finish.”

Additional features include a power strip with 6 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, foam drawer liners, 16 gauge frame construction, 18 gauge drawer construction, and a tubular lock.

The tool box measures 72″ wide, 25″ deep, and 47.5″ tall. The weight is listed as 751 lbs.

Gearwrench backs up their tool cabinet with a 3 year limited warranty.

Price: $5000 to $5500
Model numbers: 83249 (silver trim), 83248 (black trim)


150 lb drawer slides seems pretty decent. But… the Husky Pro tool cabinet ($3500) I recently reviewed has 220 lb drawer slides. Harbor Freight’s Icon 73″ roller cabinet ($2999) has 265 lb drawer slides.

Gearwrench GSX 72-inch Tool Cabinet Drawer Slides

The Gearwrench GSX cabinet does has 10 out of 18 drawers with double slides for 300 lb capacity each, which seems unusual to me.

Strictly Tool Boxes Tool Vault in Blue

The Strictly Tool Boxes Tool Vault Elite, measuring 72-15/16″ width x 30″ depth x 46-1/4″ height, has 17 drawers and 27 pairs of drawer slides. This suggests it has 7 drawers with single sets of drawer slides and 10 with double slides.

There are enough similarities in the designs to suggest a common OEM.

However, Strictly Tool Boxes’ Tool Vault Elite has a 250 lb load rating for drawers with a single pair of slides, and 500 lbs for drawers with double pairs of slides. The Strictly Tool Boxes Tool Vault Elite sells for $3895.

This brings me to Gearwrench’s pricing.

$5000 at independent dealers and $5500 at Home Depot?! I don’t see the value being there.

At the time of this posting, $3500 gets you a Husky Pro cabinet – with better specs – plus a free add-on, such as a top hutch or side locker.

Harbor Freight’s Icon professional roller cabinet is $2999, and also has higher drawer load specs.

I try to ignore pricing when forming opinions about products sight-unseen and based on their online sales pages, but couldn’t do that here.

At $3000, Gearwrench’s GSX tool box could potentially be competitive. But $5000, let alone $5500? That seems excessive to me.

At such pricing, I’d expect the Gearwrench GSX tool box to be a bit more… I don’t know, innovative?

As harsh as it might sound, Gearwrench’s latest flagship tool storage roller cabinet seems bland and overpriced.

Why buy this Gearwrench GSX tool cabinet, when competitors offer more for less money?

On top of that, Husky and Harbor Freight back their professional tool storage roller cabinets with a lifetime warranty. A 3-year warranty on a $5000 tool cabinet seems paltry.