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Save on this Dewalt XR Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

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This Dewalt 20V Max XR cordless oscillating multi-tool kit, DCS356D1, is on sale at Amazon for $149 right now, and it’s also eligible for added $20 off $199+ savings.

Here’s what you need to know. This kit comes with Dewalt’s XR brushless oscillating multi-tool, DCS356, which features 3 speed settings in addition to the variable speed trigger switch found on their Atomic series model.

This kit comes with a 2Ah battery, as opposed to the lower capacity batteries (1.3AH or 1.5Ah) typically included with their holiday special kits.

You also get more starter accessories – 3 blades, a sanding pad, and abrasive sheets – plus an accessory organizer case that doesn’t come with the budget kit offerings.

Perhaps most notably, you also get the adjustable cutting depth guide. This can be purchased piecemeal from replacement part numbers.

I mention all of this because we are likely to very soon start seeing Dewalt’s holiday-season special-buys.

Dewalt DCS356C1 20V Max XR Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit
Dewalt Special Buy DCS356C1

Shown here is the DCS356C1 special-buy kit, which comes with the same tool, a lower capacity battery, and spartan selection of starter accessories.

Dewalt DCS354D1 Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit
Dewalt Special Buy DCS354D1

This is the DCS354D1 special buy, which comes with a 2Ah battery, spartan selection of accessories, and the single speed 20V Max Atomic oscillating multi-tool. It has a variable speed trigger, but not the 3 speed selector of the XR model.

Whether to buy the DCS356D1, which is on sale for $149 and eligible for an added coupon offer, or wait for the potential return of previous holiday season special buys (typically priced at $99) depends on several things.

Compared to the C1 kit, you get a better battery. Compared to the Atomic D1 kit, you get a more featured tool. Compared to both, the DCS356D1 comes with the depth guide, more accessories, and hard accessory case.

Do you want the adjustable cutting depth guide? Buying the necessary parts on Amazon comes out to around $28.

I think that $149 is a great deal for what you get, especially if you’re looking to buy other tools or accessories that are also eligible for the stackable $20 off $199+ offer.

If you’re looking for the lowest price possible, the $99 promo deals are always very compelling, but you’re spending less and getting less. None of the holiday season promos have been activated yet, making the current DCS356D1 deal the best and only Dewalt 20V Max oscillating multi-tool promotion right now.

Price: $149, eligible for $20 off $199+

If you can wait, we might see lower pricing later in the season. Amazon had this on sale for Black Friday last year for $129.