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Dreame L20 Ultra Robotic Vacuum Review

Each time we review a robotic vacuum they seem to add new features and capabilities. Starting out as “dumb” machines that randomly cleaned a room until they ran out of battery, these vacuuming robots now feature LIDAR-guided navigation and full 3D mapping capabilities. The Dreame L20 Ultra robotic vacuum takes that even one more step further. With detachable rotating mops and automatic edge cleaning and mopping, the L20 Ultra goes beyond anything we’ve yet seen.


  • Laser LIDAR navigation
  • 7000 Pa suction
  • Liftable/detachable rotating mops
  • Automatic mop washing & drying
  • Water tank filling
  • Auto-empty debris canister
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • LED light for obstacle avoidance
  • Edge vacuuming and mopping
  • Washable tray
  • Solid rubber floor brush
  • Detergent dispenser


Dreame L20 Ultra Suction

Above all, a good vacuum has to remove debris. The L20 Ultra has some of the strongest suction power we’ve yet seen. How much? The Dreame L20 Ultra boasts 7000 Pascals of suction power. By the specs—that matches or exceeds many of the top robotic vacuums on the market as of this writing (suction specs are difficult to compare).

Combine that suction with a liftable solid rubber brush, and you have a powerful, flexible cleaning system. The transition from bristles to rubber rollers has been one of the greatest shifts we’ve seen in reducing the amount of tangles you can expect to encounter over time.

Dreame L20 Ultra Edge Cleaning

The Dreame L20 Ultra not only has a liftable roller, it can lift—and even remove—the twin rotating mops. That’s right, the vacuum can—when in vacuuming-only mode—leave the mop pads in the station. When it does use the mop pads it does something unique. They spin, gently scrubbing the tile, linoleum, LVT, or similar flooring. Compare that to systems that simply drag a pad across the surface.

That alone might impress compared to static mop pads—but they also extend out to catch edges while mopping against walls or underneath kickboards. The first time you see this you may think something broke. In truth, it simply shows off a truly effective means of cleaning into places older robotic vacuums would miss.

When the L20 Ultra vacuum uses the two rotating mops, it lifts them when traversing pile carpet. This occurs automatically for short pile carpet—when the unit doesn’t leave them behind for vacuuming-only tasks. I’d like to think this happens “automagically”, however I needed to program the system to correctly leave behind the mop pads for our particular pile carpet (Stainmaster).

Dreame L20 Ultra detached mops

Dreame L20 Ultra Specs & Accessories

  • Dimensions (vacuum) (L/W/H): 13.8 x 13.8 x 4.1 in. (35 x 35 x 10.4 cm)
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)
  • Suction power: 7000 Pa
  • Dust container: 10.1 oz. (300 ml)
  • Water tank: 2.7 oz. (80 ml)
  • Dust container station: 0.8 gal. (3L)
  • Fresh water station: 1.2 gal. (4.5L)
  • Dirty water station: 1.1 gal. (4L)
  • Volume: 68 dBA SPL
  • Battery: 6400 mAh (Li-ion)
  • Charging time: 210 minutes
  • Runtime (max): 260 minutes

Other Features

  • Carpet detection vacuuming
  • App control (iOS/Android)
  • Virtual boundaries
  • Virtual room layout
  • 3D map
  • Direct camera access (privacy warnings)
  • Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant compatible

Advanced Multifunction Cleaning Station

Robotic vacuum base stations now charge and auto-empty dust bins. Most mopping systems carry their own water onboard, leaving you to clean the mop pads at the end of each use. The charging station accompanying the Dreame L20 Ultra empties the dustbin and so much more. The station features a clean water tank, cleaning detergent, and a container for collecting dirty water.

clean and dirty water containers

The L20 Ultra vacuum periodically returns to the base station to wash out its mops, keeping them clean so you don’t smear dirty water all over your home. The detergent dispenser ensures you clean with more than just water. Since the Dreame L20 Ultra vac also carries a portable water supply with it, the multifunction station also fills that each time the robot docks before and while performing mopping functions.

Lastly—and most impressively—the docking station cleans and dries the rotating mops. The L20 Ultra vac can also drop these mops when cleaning pile carpet. Both the cleaning and drying functions ensure the mops stay ready to clean without gumming up and ruining your floor surfaces or losing efficiency.

After the system cleans the mops, a warm air drying cycle blows off the mops. This not only reduces bacteria, but also removes the potential for mold and foul smells you might expect from wet mop storage. You can also remove and clean the tray where the system stores and washes the mops. Some running water typically does the trick.

Obstacle Avoidance – Even in the Dark

As we expect with sophisticated robotic vacuums, the L20 Ultra has a LIDAR laser tower. During setup, it does a quick map. This involves scanning each room in your house and creating a rather detailed map which it breaks up automatically into rooms. You can access and adjust these rooms using the Dreamehome smartphone app.

The L20 Ultra did a great job creating a map of the lower floor in our home and we closed off rooms we didn’t want it to enter (like our kids’ rooms which are never “vacuum-safe”). We then adjusted the map, splitting areas, and naming the rooms for easier designation when using voice prompts or setting up schedules.

robot vacuuming kitchen

The first time the vacuum vacuums and/or mops the areas, you’ll see lines marking out how and where it covered the area. You can also designate the flooring material and direction for tile, grout, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you set “carpet” or the various types and piles the robot might encounter. That could be helpful in setting suction levels. We’d love to see that added to the app in a future software update.

Dreamehome app mapping

The vacuum uses the map and its own LIDAR sensor to map its way through the rooms, adhere to schedules, and find the charging and cleaning station. It does a remarkably quick job of locating itself when having to return to the dock or go to a specific room.

The Dreame L20 Ultra uses both the lasers and camera for obstacle avoidance. Two bright LED headlights let it do so even in the dark. We tested this by turning off the lights in the house and leaving it to complete its cleaning tasks.

Dreame L20 Ultra Robotic Vacuum Review
The Dreame L20 Ultra navigated this maze of chairs like a boss.

Final Thoughts on the Dreame L20 Ultra Robotic Vacuum

Certainly the high price of the Dreame L20 Ultra keeps it out of the hands of many. At around $1500, this represents a very premium automated cleaning solution. Fortunately, if you want fewer bells and whistles, you can get the Dreame L10s Ultra or any number of solutions available from Dreametech. For those who want truly hands-free advanced cleaning, the Dreame L20 Ultra has it all.

Keep the clean water fulled and the dirty water empty and occasionally refill the detergent supply to enjoy virtually carefree cleaning. To do any better, the system would have to be plumbed to your home!