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Dewalt XR Brushless Power Tool & PowerStack Combo Kit

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Home Depot has a spectacular deal on this new Dewalt 20V Max cordless power tool combo kit, DCK303E1H1.

I see this as a “stop talking about Milwaukee Forge” type of deal, and if so, that’s brilliant.

This is a “let’s pull all the stops” type of promo; I don’t see any gimmicks, tricks, or compromises.

Here’s what you get:

Dewalt DCD805 Brushless Hammer Drill – this is the brand’s latest and greatest XR series brushless motor compact cordless hammer drill.

Dewalt DCF845 Brushless Impact Driver – this is the brand’s latest XR series 3-speed brushless impact driver.

Dewalt DCS570 Brushless 7-1/4″ Circular Saw – this is the brand’s XR series cordless circular saw.

(XR is the brand’s designation for their 20V Max premium brushless tools. Atomic is their compact and sometimes value-priced line. FlexVolt Advantage and Power Detect tools delivers performance boosts when used with certain batteries. Dewalt also has some cordless power tools without any special designations.)


Tool Bag

Dewalt 20V Max PowerStack Battery Expansion 2022

Dewalt 20V Max PowerStack 5Ah Battery

Dewalt 20V Max PowerStack 1.7Ah Battery

You get one each of Dewalt’s two sizes of PowerStack batteries. These are Dewalt’s latest generation pouch batteries, which deliver high power and twice the lifespan of cylindrical cell batteries, with respect to charging cycles.

All that said, this isn’t a value-priced kit – it’s a promo-priced kit with Dewalt’s XR series compact drilling and fastening tools, 7-1/4″ circular saw, and both sizes of PowerStack batteries.

Price: $399

Deal Pricing Analysis

It’s difficult to analyze this deal right now, because there are different concurrent promotions.

At the time of this posting, the best pricing I’ve seen on PowerStack batteries at authorized dealers is $249 for a bundle of one of each at Home Depot.

The hammer drill is a special buy right now for $179, and you also get a free compact PowerStack starter kit with it, also at Home Depot.

Home Depot has the DCF845 impact driver for $99 in tool-only format.

Most retailers have the DCS570 tool-only for $200+ (Amazon has it for $229), but it looks like Home Depot has it for $139 right now.

So with the best possible deals and promotions right now, one could buy the hammer drill special buy with a charger and compact PowerStack battery, tool-only impact driver, and tool-only circular saw for $417.

If you buy most authorized dealer pricing for the circular saw (I couldn’t tell you why Home Depot’s price is $90-100 lower), the price would be $507, but you’d still be short a PowerStack 5Ah battery, which retails for $229 by itself.

Home Depot and Lowe’s have PowerStack 5Ah battery 2-packs for around $300 right now, so that’s $150 apiece.

So, here’s an approximate rundown of the next-best pricing I could come up with.

Hammer Drill w/ PowerStack Starter Kit (Charger + 1.7Ah battery) – $179

Impact Driver (Tool-Only) – $99

Circular Saw (Tool-Only) – $139 (via Home Depot aberrant pricing, $229 is more typical)

PowerStack 5Ah Battery – $150 if you split the 2-pack with a friend

Maybe you have a spare tool bag laying around.

So, the approximate next-best pricing I can come up with for the equivalent tool kit bundle from authorized dealers is… $567.

The $399 promo price, which Home Depot says is part of their Labor Day Savings event, is very good.

They say you save $450 off the $849 price, which is typical retail nonsense. Dewalt’s product imagery has a “$600+ value if purchased separately” badge, and I think that’s accurate. If I didn’t catch Home Depot’s aberrantly low price on the circular saw, buying everything separately – and even with the PowerStack starter kit with the hammer drill – would set my next-best estimate over $600.

With all of this in mind, I think that this Dewalt DCK303E1H1 20V Max cordless power tool combo kit is extremely attractively-priced.

These are current-generation tools, with the drill and impact quite new, and the PowerStack batteries being bleeding edge cordless power tool battery technology.

I think that Dewalt is going to win over a lot of tool users with this promotionally-priced combo kit.

At the time of this posting, this combo kit looks to be a Home Depot exclusive. It’s possible that they received the first shipment and that we’ll see the same promo at other retailers at a later time.