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Everyday Good Deal: Dewalt Tstak Tool Boxes

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Dewalt Tstak tool boxes remain one of the best bargains out there in the hand-carry tool box market.

Amazon recently started promoting a 2-pack, and I realized that the individual tool boxes are the same price.

At the time of this posting, the compact tool box, with both top and front briefcase-style handles, is $22.85 at Amazon. I feel this is a great for what you get.

Dewalt Tstak Tool Box Open Compartment

Dewalt Tstak tool boxes are connectable, but I feel they’re also great values when used individually as standalone tool boxes.

Dewalt Tstak Tool Box with Long Handle and Top Lid Compartment

Dewalt also has a similarly-sized Tstak tool box with folding top handle and externally-accessed top lid compartment with divided sections.

It’s priced at $27 at the time of this posting.

Dewalt Tstak Deep Tool Box

Dewalt also has a deep Tstak tool box, with removable tray.

It’s priced at $30 at the time of this posting.

I don’t need maximum protection for some of the bulkier tools and supplies I’m looking at new storage products for, and I also don’t plan to use or transport them as part of a larger system. I recently purchased a couple of Dewalt ToughSystem compact deep tool boxes, and they’ve been fantastic, but I want a couple more deep tool boxes and the Tstak has more of my attention.

I feel that modular tool storage setups are all the rage these days – and for good reason. And yes, Tstak is a modular tool box system as well. But, I also see them as perfect for specific individual tool box needs.

They’ve proved to be plenty strong, and I have always liked their footprint and features.

Is Tstak the best modular tool box system? No. But there are plenty of reasons to buy them. Sometimes you just want a tool box with as few gimmicks as possible.

Modular tool boxes have been getting more complex and specialized, which can be a good thing, but not if you want just a basic tool box or two. That’s where Tstak still shines in my opinion.

Dewalt Tstak tool boxes are – in my opinion – sturdy, durable, and reasonably priced.

What’s an Everyday Good Deal? It’s a tool or product that I feel is a good buy any time of year.