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Festool TS 60 K Track Saw

Festool’s Corded TS 60 K Track Saw Brings More Performance and Safety

Festool’s woodworking tool lineup runs deep in the hearts (and shops) of many professional woodworkers and carpenters. A fourth track saw model joins the brand’s collection and it boasts impressive performance and safety features. We’re turning our attention to the Festool TS 60 K Track Saw to see what it brings to the workbench.

  • Model: Festool TS 60 K
  • Max cutting depth: 2 7/16 inches (62 mm)
  • Max speed: 6800 RPM
  • KickbackStop reduces injury risk
  • Compatible with FSK cross-cutting guide rail
  • Brushless motor
  • Bevel angles from -1° to 47°

This Festool track saw boasts a max cutting depth of up to 2-7/16 inches with a blade diameter of 6-5/8 inches. The TS 60 K features a brushless EC-TEC motor that gives it more power and is virtually maintenance-free. Thanks to this brushless technology, this saw sees speeds of up to 6800 RPM at the top end, and its corded design offers all-day runtime.

You can set your bevel angles from -1° to 47°. Working at 45°, materials up to 1-9/16 inches can be cut when using the guide rail.

Additionally, Festool integrated KickbackStop technology in this saw for added safety and peace of mind. This inclusion helps reduce the risk of injury caused by kickback while sawing into your workpiece.

The KickbackStop feature can also be manually deactivated if you’re working on uneven material sans guide rail, but it’s automatically reactivated the next time the saw is turned on.

  • Weight: 10.6 pounds
  • Blade diameter: 6 5/8-inch
  • Slimline housing enables cuts as little as 1/2 an inch from a wall
  • Transparent sliding sight window for viewing saw blade
  • Compatible with 1 1/16-inch and 1 7/16-inch dust extractor hoses

The TS 60 K track saw keeps the same size and weight as Festool’s TS 55 F saw while increasing cutting depth. This tool’s 6 5/8-inch blade diameter is also a slight step up in size. The TS 55 F has a cord length of around 13 feet, so we’re assuming you can expect the same for this saw as well, giving you plenty of room to work.

A slim, compact body allows you to get as close as 1/2 an inch from a wall to perform cuts in tight areas. Additionally, you can keep an eye on your saw blade with the transparent sight window.

When you’re after a virtually dust-free operation, this track saw’s dust port connects to 1-1/16-inch and 1-7/16-inch dust extractor hoses to clean up sawdust before it gets into the air.

This track saw retails for $799 for the saw, blade, accessories, and Systainer case. Adding a 55-inch FS 1400 Guide Rail brings the price up to $899. Festool backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty upon product registration.