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Powermatic Air Cleaner is on Sale – Save $200

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The Powermatic PM1250 electrostatic air cleaner just dropped in price on Amazon, from $750 down to $550, a difference of $200.

It has a 0.1 micron particle filter and delivers up to 754 CFM of air flow.

Powermatic says that the woodworking filter operates “quieter than normal conversation,” with a 50.8 dB noise rating on its high speed setting, and 41.2 dB on low.

Powermatic PM1250 Electrostatic Air Filter

The filter is advertised as being capable of cycling the air of a 680 square foot space (“similar to an oversized 2-car garage”) five times per hour.

The PM1250 can be mounted to the wall or ceiling, or placed on a workbench. It can also be placed on the floor or other horizontal surface, but I’m betting it’s most effective when the airflow is as close to your breathing height as possible.

A carrying handle helps with portability.

Powermatic PM1250 Air Filter Being Cleaned with a Vacuum

The filter should be cleaned with a vacuum every 1,000 hours, and is designed for up to 3,000 hours of use.

Replacement filters (SKU 1791332) look to be readily available and are priced at $150 each.

Sale Price: $549.99

It’s unclear how long this sale pricing will last. The $550 price is available through at least two retailers (Amazon and Acme Tools), while others still show ~$750 pricing.

I added this to my Amazon “save for later” shopping cart a while ago, and debate its usefulness for my workshop and needs every time it goes on sale.

One of the benefits is that you can move it to where dust is being generated, for higher efficiency, but that also requires that you have the space for this, which I often do not.

Reviews seem positive overall, and I like that it has a lower noise rating than most other woodworking air filters and cleaners.