Home Depot Launched a Ring Jobsite Security System

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Home Depot and Ring – an Amazon company – have formed a partnership to market new “jobsite security” products for contractors.

This new line of alarm system-type products first appeared in late-October, kicking off with large banners on Home Depot’s website.

A reader – thank you Travis! – wrote in about Home Depot’s Ring banners around the same time I came across them, and I made a note to investigate.

Ring Jobsite Security at Home Depot Store Display

Later that week, I came across a Ring jobsite security floor display at my local Home Depot store, but there were only tear-off sales sheets and no actual products. Then, as I was walking through the store, a Ring jobsite security advertisement playing through the store’s loudspeakers.

I have been to several Home Depot stores numerous times since then, and I also spent a lot of time on their website last month. To my surprise, there weren’t any further peeps about this venture between Home Depot and Ring.

I’ve been looking into the new Ring jobsite security products, and to be honest, I’m still not clear as to what it’s all about.

Ring makes various smart products for home security and monitoring purposes.

As far as I can tell, the new Ring Pro jobsite security products are basically orange-colored versions of their everyday consumer products.

They say that Ring Jobsite Security is a first-of-its kind security system, but is it? What’s new about this, aside from the contractor-orange color scheme?

Ring Jobsite Security at Home Depot

Ah, there’s an orange “Jobsite security powered case,” that seems to be new. But besides that, how is any of this “smart security from the ground up?”

Well, at least the Ring “jobsite security” products don’t look to cost any more than their regular consumer-targeted SKUs.

So, from what I can tell, Home Depot and Ring launched an orange tool box for securing the Ring Alarm Pro base station and compatible battery packs.

This still looks like it could be interesting for contractors, but it doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal as suggested by the banners on Home Depot’s website, the in-store displays, and the in-store announcements. Maybe I’m missing something?

Does this seem like a big development to you?

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