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Best Air Compressor for Home Garage

Considerations When Choosing an Air Compressor

Forget choosing the best air compressor—choosing any air compressor for any task requires that you understand a few key things. You need to know what CFM means, how the cycle rate affects your airflow, and the form factor you need (portable stack, pancake-style, standing tank, etc). When choosing the best air compressor for a home garage, we lean towards standing tanks. We do, however, recognize that some don’t want to (or need to) buy multiple air compressors, so we’ll also make some picks in the portable category as well. Before you choose, go through the following to understand your particular needs.

Air Compressor Type

One of the first things you want to decide is what type of air compressor you want. While some may want a standing tank that never moves from the corner of their garage or shop, others may desire something more portable. If you decide on a fixed tank, longer air hoses can get you just about anywhere you want. If, however, you plan to take your air on the road to do a job, that standing tank won’t be much help. Standing air compressors also take up a permanent place in your garage, so you lose some flexibility when it comes to storage.

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