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Dewalt 130pc MaxFit Drill & Screwdiver Bit Set with Large ToughCase+ Organizer

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This Dewalt 130-piece MaxFit drill and screwdriver bit set, DWACMF130SET, is a new Home Depot Special Buy for $30. The set stuffs all of the accessories into removable bit holders and boxes that clip into the large ToughCase+ organizer.

The set includes the following drilling and driving bits:

  • (5) brad point drill bits
  • (4) hex shank drill bits
  • (14) black and gold drill bits
  • (87) 1″ MaxFit insert bits
  • (14) 2″ MaxFit insert bits
  • (3) 3-1/2″ #2 Phillips bts
  • (2) nut setters
  • (1) Maxfit magnetic drive guide

The 3 small bulk bit storage cases and large ToughCase+ are not included in the part count.

Price: $30 with free shipping


This isn’t the first high part count drilling and driving bit set that Dewalt has bunded with a large ToughCase organizer. Last year they had a 160 piece set for $30, and while it’s currently priced at $40, it’s out of stock with no indication as to if or when it will be available again. Even though there are fewer components, this 130pc set has a 14 pc drill index rather than spade bits, which might be more versatile for some users.

I was unable to find the previous set last year in any Home Depot around my area, whereas there are tons of these new sets on display at every Home Depot I visit. Evidently this isn’t the case everywhere though, as Stuart says that this Special Buy appears to have sold out at the stores in his area.

Stuart’s Note: I had one in my hands last week, but put it back. I changed my mind and now cannot find it at any of the Home Depot stores I’ve been to. Luckily, it’s now available for free shipping. Naturally, I now have one on the way.

Craftsman Versastack and Dewalt ToughCase Plus Bit Storage Boxes

I don’t think the exciting thing about this set is the included bits though, it’s the large ToughCase+ itself. The organizer can serve as an intermediary between Dewalt TSTAK and Craftman Versastack tool box systems, and ToughCase+ accessory boxes that are available from Dewalt, Irwin, and Craftsman. This also enables you to attach medium ToughCase+ boxes on top of the TSTAK.

There haven’t been many options when it comes to large ToughCase+ bit sets, and this 130pc set looks to offer the best bang for your dollar of all the sets available right now. Lowe’s has a Dewalt 100pc impact bit set sold in this case for $45, and while Craftsman also sells a version, it comes filled with pretty much the lowest quality bits you can buy.

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