What’s up with these Makita Bonus Tool Deals at Amazon? (Holiday 2021)

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I was looking up a price on Amazon, and came across a “sponsored” banner ad at the bottom of the page. The Makita ad, shown above, is promoting Makita’s “Holiday Special Buys” on Amazon. Alright, I thought, let’s take a look.

Makita Holiday Buys at Amazon 2021

The landing page is all decked out with rows of different Makita promos. I can’t show you what it looks like, as per Amazon’s terms & conditions with us that bars screenshots, but you can see it for yourself here: Makita Holiday Special Buys at Amazon.

Makita’s special deals page on Amazon is nicely laid out, I’ll give it that, and there are 4 different “buy this cordless kit, get a FREE tool (or tools)” options.

And, the deals do save you some money.

But here’s my problem with these promos – they don’t save you as much money as other ongoing promos right now.

Makita 18V Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Kit with Free Router Black Friday 2021

Shown here is a Makita 18V drill and impact driver combo kit, plus a bonus cordless router, with a bundle price of $291.69 at the time of this posting.

Home Depot’s similar deal gives you the same tool combo for $249.

Acme Tools’ similar deal also gives you the same combo for $249.

This is just one example, and the same looks to be true for every promotional bundle I checked.

To be fair, Amazon seems to be matching Home Depot’s selection of bonus tools, and they beat Acme’s. And, they might have some bundle combinations you cannot find elsewhere, although I didn’t spot any. Still, that’s a nearly $43 price difference, which is unusual for Makita and especially for a promo that they’re advertising via sponsored banners.

Maybe someone forgot to active the holiday season pricing? Maybe these are intermediate prices and the full discounts will apply later in the month for Black Friday, possibly as a way to conserve inventory? Hopefully Amazon’s pricing will soon match that of Makita’s other authorized retailers.

It’s still worth checking out the Makita promo on Amazon. “Buy this, get that” cordless power tool promos like these tend to sell fast, and we’re already seeing “out of stock” notices for certain combinations and free tool selections across different brands at at several retailers. The more retailers that carry the combination you want at promo pricing, the better.

From what I have observed over the years, a lot of cordless power tool combos, starter kits, and bonus tool selections can be slow to be restocked during the holiday season after they start selling out, and that’s without any of the shipping delays and product shortages we’ve been hearing about in the news.

If the higher pricing is a way to slow down sales, maybe that’s actually a good strategy, as it might provide a second wave of availability when other retailers are waiting for replenishment stock.

If you were hoping to score a Makita promo this year, perhaps keep Amazon in mind, but make sure to shop around to ensure you’re getting the best price possible.

I try my best to price-shop when posting about deals, and what I’ve learned is that not every “special buy” is the best possible special buy. But, I’m sure there’s a reason for this – it’s probably just the timing, or it could even be a mistake.

Side Note: Another reason to check out different retailers’ promos is because Makita seems to have an unprecedented range of different “free bonus tool” offers this year, and some of them are almost ridiculously good bargains.

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