Gorilla Glue Takes on Loctite with New Threadlocker Compounds

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The Gorilla Glue company has been well-known for their waterproof polyurethane glue, wood glue, heavy duty tapes, and other similar products. Still, it greatly surprises me that Gorilla Glue is now making threadlocker.

Threadlocker compounds, with Henkel’s Loctite being the best well-known brand of such products, are special adhesives that help to prevent the unintentional loosening or failure of threaded joints. For instance, one might use threadlocker compounds on bolts or machine screws that might encounter vibrational forces that might otherwise cause undesirable self-loosening.

Threadlockers can also protect against other factors that could cause unintentional loosening of fasteners, such as shock or corrosion.

So what is Gorilla Glue doing making threadlocker compounds?

At this time, there are 3 types:

  • Medium strength (removable, blue)
  • High strength (permanent, red)
  • High strength for larger-threaded fasteners (permanent, red)

Gorilla Glue Threadlocker Gel

Medium strength blue and high strength red threadlocker compounds are also available in no-mess gel format.

These are interesting developments, and I came across the products by accident.

Taking a deeper look, Gorilla Glue and the HB Fuller company partnered together last year with a licensing agreement, and together they launched new industrial adhesives, sealants, and lubricants under GorillaPRO and Gorilla Professional Grade branding.

GorillaPro Adhesives

The new line launched with 19 products, including epoxies, pipe-fitting assembly sealants, retaining compounds, anti-seize, gasketing adhesives, instant adhesives, and also the threadlockers discussed above.

There’s a lot to digest here, and so I opted to focus on just the threadlockers.

Why Buy GorillaPro threadlocker?

Looking at the sell sheet, GorillaPro highlights several benefits:

  • Easy application
  • Reliable fastener locking
  • Zero-clog nozzle tips
  • Color-coded caps and labels
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Protects in harsh environments

Basically, they’re competing directly against Loctite, but with color-coded caps in addition to on-bottle color-coding. Perhaps the zero-clog nozzles are a unique selling feature for the GorillaPro products?

GorillaPro products are only available at MSC Industrial Supply, R.S. Hughes, and Krayden Inc, and they are aimed at MRO professionals in industrial markets across the US and Canada.

The interesting question for me is this – why buy GorillaPro over Loctite? Loctite is a mature brand with a strong reputation. There are popular alternatives, such as Permatex. But what does GorillaPro offer over these brands?

There’s also no word as to whether GorillaPro will offer other bottle sizes, application methods, or formulas for their threadlocker products, or whether distribution will extend beyond the 3 initial suppliers.

Can a consumer brand slap their name onto industrial products and successfully gain traction?

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