Wera 25pc Kraftform Micro Precision Screwdriver Set

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Over at Amazon, the Wera Kraftform Micro “Big Pack” precision screwdriver set – with 25 sizes including a chip lifter mini pry bar – is on sale for just under $99. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this Wera precision screwdriver set priced this low.

When Ben V posted about this Wera Micro screwdriver set last year, it was priced at $137, or $123 after coupon at KC Tool.

When this post was first published, I had missed an Amazon deal price of $112.47, and caught a KC Tool deal of the day promo at $119.

You could potentially spend a little less if you order from Amazon UK or DE, but then you have international shipping fees and potential delays to deal with.

Deal Price: $98.64 via Amazon
SKU: 5134000001

It’s unclear as to how long this deal pricing will be valid for, but $99 is a fantastic price on an excellent precision screwdriver set.

Buy Now via Amazon
Compare via KC Tool
Compare via Amazon DE
Compare via Amazon UK – out of stock at the time of this posting

Thank you to Vards Uzvards for the tip!

Set Contents

  • Phillips: #000 x 40mm, #00 x 40mm, #0 x 40mm
  • Torx: T5 x 40mm, T6 x 40mm
  • Torx HF (Torx with screw-holding function): T5 x 40mm, T6 x 40mm, T7 x 60mm, T8 x 60mm, T10 x 60mm
  • Torx Plus: 1IPR x 40mm
  • Hex: 0.9 x 40mm, 1.3 x 40mm, 1.5 x 60mm, 2.0 x 60mm
  • Slotted: 1.5 x 40mm, 1.8 x 60mm, 2.0 x 60mm, 2.5 x 40mm, 2.5 x 80mm, 3.0 x 80mm
  • Nut Driver: 4.0 x 60mm, 5.5 x 60mm
  • Microstix: m x 40mm
  • Chip lifter: 3.5 x 50mm

But I Don’t Need All These Sizes!

Wera 6pc Precision Screwdriver Set with Stand

That’s perfectly understandable. I bought the 25pc set for myself because I can and will use most of the screwdriver sizes and styles, but that wasn’t always true.

There are a couple of smaller sets you could consider.

Buy Now: 6pc Set via Amazon
Buy Now: Other Sets via Amazon

Read More About the Wera Screwdriver Set:

Wera Kraftform Precision Screwdriver “Big Pack 1” 25pc Assortment

Post and Price Update History

7/2/2021: $98.64
10/6/2020: $110

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