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Crescent Chrome Power Tapes | Pro Tool Reviews

Crescent Power Tapes Easier to Carry and Easier to Read

Crescent Tools has launched another tape measure line under the Lufkin brand. The Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes feature some aesthetic design changes that make these tape measures easier to read and easier to carry.

Crescent Chrome Power Tapes: The Big Deal

The Chrome Power Tapes feature a compact, chrome-plated case that has a truly retro feel to it.

Crescent Chrome Power Tapes

Despite the small case size, these Crescent Lufkin Power Tapes also feature wider blades. Crescent claims 10-feet of standout. The blades feature a nylon coating that offers some protection against abrasions. Meanwhile, the matte finish and enlarged print help visibility. A flatter blade also makes it easier to mark your measurements.

Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes

Crescent has also upgraded the lock button. Now, the path between “lock” and “unlock” is much shorter. This means you will have an easier time locking the blade down no matter how big or small your hands are.


When they become readily available, you’ll be able to pick up the Crescent Lufkin Power Tapes anywhere that Lufkin tape measures are sold. You’ll have 6 options in the whole line:

  • 12-foot SAE
  • 16-foot SAE
  • 25-foot SAE
  • 35-foot SAE
  • 5-meter/16-foot Metric/SAE
  • 8-meter/26-foot Metric/SAE

The word is still out on the exact pricing structure of these Lufkin tape measures, but 4 of the models are now available for preorder from Acme Tools. It looks like they range in price from between $6.99 and $14.99. It doesn’t look like you’ll get any sort of warranty, but as tape measures almost run in the “consumables” camp of the tool world, perhaps that isn’t too surprising.

For more information, visit Crescent Lufkin by clicking here.

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