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TANOS Mobile Workshop Review MW 1000

Versatility and Convenience Come Standard with the TANOS MW 1000 Mobile Workshop

The TANOS Mobile Workshop is a robust work platform and integrated storage system. Its convenience is unbelievable once you’re on the platform. TANOS absolutely jam-packed the MW 1000 with helpful features that make it a great solution for a number of on-the-go applications.


  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to adjust
  • Compact footprint
  • Multiple configurations
  • Foldable work table included
  • Replaceable MDF top with 20mm hole grid for clamp/parf dogs, etc


  • On the expensive side for some folks
  • MDF tops aren’t weather-friendly

TANOS Mobile Workshop Versatility

I seem to find a new feature every time I look at the TANOS mobile workshop. The MW 1000 design completely centers around the user experience. TANOS takes the best form and function and combines both into an easily organized multifunction platform.

This platform is compatible with TANOS’ Systainer toolbox configurations for convenient and secure storage (Festool systainers are also compatible). Why is this important? That function basically turns the MW 1000 into a Swiss-Army tool bench. This portable workbench combines your toolboxes with a strong mobile workspace, effectively letting you work anywhere.

The versatile nature of this mobile workshop is what makes it so attractive. You can pick and choose which Systainer³ and/or T-Loc boxes you want to bring along based on the job.

Setting Up the MDF Multi-Position Top

The detachable work table attaches to all four sides. Similar to the way tongue-and-groove flooring works, the edge of the bench top corresponds with the edge of the trolley top. Even though there’s no clamp, it’s a secure hold—much like a french cleat. In fact, once attached, it doesn’t move at all—not even side-to-side.

On the opposite side of the bench, a fold-out leg takes care of stabilizing your workspace. Among the more subtle features, three adjustable feet aid in keeping your worktop level. Two are on the fold-out leg and there’s a third on the trolley base. This three-legged approach ensures no wobble on the worktop.

Tanos Mobile Workshop Adjustable Feet

The MDF worktop on the TANOS Mobile Workshop has a series of bench dog holes so you don’t have to create your own for clamping. The trolley top also includes slots that match with systainer feet and a V-groove for your round materials.

When the work is complete, simply store the bench neatly on the back. While it seems like the handle will secure the top on its own, it’s a multi-position handle, so you need to secure the top using the included strap.

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