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New Milwaukee Knee Pads, Which is Best for You?

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Milwaukee’s new knee pads, which were announced in Pipeline 2020 Episode 4, are now hitting stores.

Here, we’ll go over the 5 different styles and why you might want to choose one over the others.

Milwaukee Flexible Knee Pads (48-73-6000)

Milwaukee’s flexible knee pads are the most inexpensive of the series, and are described as offering lightweight comfort.

They feature a water resistant cap, quick on-off adjustable leg strap, high density foam construction, and a debris guard at the top.

This knee pad, as well as all of the other Milwaukee knee pads discussed here, are one size fits most.

If you’re on a budget, you might want to start with these.

Price: $24.97

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Milwaukee Hard Gel Knee Pads (48-73-6010)

Milwaukee Hard Gel Knee Pads

At just a couple of dollars more, these hard gel knee pads have an abrasion-resistant cap and the addition of an inner gel zone. There is also a thick foam pad between the gel and outer layers.

Milwaukee says that these knee pads are designed for extended wear and the hard cap contributes to longer life.

This style also has two leg straps. I tend to prefer dual-strap knee pads over single-strap pads. While putting them on and taking them off takes more time, I find dual straps to be more secure and comfortable.

Price: $29.97

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Milwaukee Performance Knee Pads (48-73-6030)

Milwaukee Performance Hard Shell Knee Pads

Milwaukee says that their high performance knee pads offer maximum comfort while also being the longest lasting.

The construction is a little more complex, with a textured cap and an additional strip of (red) ballistic nylon material. The inner cushioning is described as being a pressure-reducing foam material.

Price: $34.97

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Milwaukee Performance Non-Marring Knee Pads (48-73-6040)

Milwaukee Performance Non Marring Knee Pads

This style is nearly identical to the high performance model, but with a non-marring white “colorless” cap.

Price: $34.97

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Milwaukee Stabilizing Knee Pads (48-73-6050)

Milwaukee High Performance Stabilizing Knee Pads

Milwaukee describes their stabilizing knee pads as being their most secure and most comfortable knee pad, featuring a hinged thigh strap for better mobility.

In addition to featuring pressure-reducing foam and a gel zone, the other cap is large and flat for increased stability.

Price: $44.97

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Milwaukee Knee Pads Comparison

Milwaukee Knee Pads Comparison

The Performance knee pads look to be Milwaukee’s flagship models, with black and non-marring cap options.

Compared to “lightweight foam,” I would assume that “thick foam” offers a little more padding.

Stepping up from the “thick foam” in the hard cap knee pads, Milwaukee says the more premium models’ “pressure reducing foam” maintains its shape for extended foam. (Sounds like a type of memory foam to me.)

It’s unclear as to what the differences are between the hard shell knee pads’ gel zone and the more premium models’ layered gel zone.

Which Ones to Buy?

Flexible Knee Pads – Single strap, least expensive.

Hard Shell Knee Pads – Dual straps, hard shell, gel, less expensive than performance knee pads.

Performance Knee Pads – Upgraded foam, more durable construction. This seems to be the best starting point for users seeking more featured general purpose knee pads.

Non-Marring Knee Pads – Performance knee pads with non-marring cap.

Stabilizing Knee Pads – Large flat cap, hinged strap for better mobility.

Most users might be steered towards the Performance knee pads or the hard shell and flexible knee pads if they’re looking to save money. I’d say skip the flexible knee pads unless you prefer single straps.

I haven’t tried any of these knee pads yet. Have you?

Which Would You Pick?

I’d go with the Performance knee pads, or the step-down hard shell knee pads if I was on a tighter budget or if there was a compelling promo.

Which would you pick?

Looking for Something Different?

Consider a kneeling pad instead. Buy the CLC pad via Amazon. There’s also a Klein pad at similar pricing.

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