22 New Amazon Tool Deals for Father’s Day 2021

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Earlier this week, I republished my post on Gearwrench’s Double-X pliers. Those pliers are must-have tools, in my opinion, and they’re currently on sale.

Amazon has them labeled as a deal, but I could not find the source page. Usually with deals like that, there’s a category page (a node in Amazon parlance), but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find it!

When you look at Amazon’s tool department deals page, there’s a whole lot of useless nothing, at least from my opinion. Where are the brand-name tool deals they used to have? The deals that I would take advantage of as a customer and the ones worth sharing on ToolGuyd?

I started searching for more details on what Amazon Prime Day 2021 could hold, and then I hit the mother lode!! Here are some tool deals I’d actually buy!!

There are 22 deals here in total, and I’ll be checking back to see if there are any more.

GEARWRENCH 8″ Pitbull Dual Material Universal Cutting Pliers

This Gearwrench Pitbull 2-in-1 “universal” pliers would have replaced the two tools I used for cutting, twisting, and bending stainless steel wire the other day, and the price seems right.

I couldn’t fight the urge and bought one on the spot. I’d buy more, but they’re running low and I want to save some for you guys.

Deal Price: $16.42

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GEARWRENCH 4pc Pitbull Dual Material Mixed Plier Set

Gearwrench Comfort Grip Pitbull Pliers Set

If you want a set of general purpose pliers, this Gearwrench set seems to be a good buy for what you get. I’ve been working with the Gearwrench Pitbull pliers lineup and have been pleased with what I’m seeing.

Personally, I like to buy pliers individually, but sometimes a set can be very cost-effective.

Deal Price: $51.51

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There are quite a few more Gearwrench tool deals – here are the listings:

Save on Gearwrench Pliers, Screwdrivers, Picks, More

Save on Gearwrench Ratchets & Wrenches

Vessel Megadora 6pc Screwdriver Set

Vessel JawsFit Screwdriver Set

Vessel makes good products, and their Megadora screwdriver line seems to be well-regarded. I’ve used and like some of their other tools.

These have a “JawsFit” engagement that they say bites into screw heads. It looks to have serrations, not unlike other brands’ anti-camout grooves.

This seems like an interesting set, and could be worth it if you’re looking for something a bit more premium and different to try out.

Deal Price: 56.57

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If you want to spend a little more, check out the 8pc set for $66.24. It looks to come with the same 6 screwdrivers and adds in 2 stubbies and an EVA foam tray.

Also See:

Vessel Wood-Compo Screwdriver Set

The Vessel “Wood-Compo” screwdriver set, with supposedly non-slip handles, is also on sale.

Price: $48.79

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Note: Vessel usually says that their cross-point tools fit both JIS and Phillips fasteners.

Halder 20oz Dead Blow Hammer

Halder Dead Blow Hammer

I like this style of dead blow. This one has a 20 oz head and with replaceable nylon faces 1.18″ in diameter.

I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have a similar hammer or two.

Note: The product image might be a “product family” image, rather than of the exact model you get with this deal. Pay closer attention to the specs.

Price: $35.44

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Save on SATA Tools

Save on SATA Tools - Amazon Deal

SATA, an Apex Tool Group brand has quite a few deals as well, with discounts of “up to 25% off.”

Some of the deals caught my attention, such as a set of SAE and metric wrench racks for less than $11. That seems to be a good buy.

Other deals caught my attention because they look to be SATA-branded versions of highly recommended Gearwrench tools, such as this ratcheting tap and die handle set. I’ve owned this set (under GW branding) for quite a while now, and while I don’t use it with every thread-cutting application, it’s an appreciated part of my kit.

There are also many value-priced tools on sale, such as an 18 oz dead blow hammer on sale for $14.22.

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Wiha 13pc Insulated Screwdriver Set

Wiha Insulated Screwdriver Set

Snag this Wiha 13pc Phillips and slotted insulated screwdriver set.

Phillips sizes range from PH #0 thru PH #2, and slotted sizes range from 2 to 10mm.

This set is a little more than I need, but I love this handle shape and size. I’ve owned Wiha soft finish-handled screwdrivers like this for nearly 13 years now, and I’ve bought more along the way.

What’s interesting is that this 13pc insulated screwdriver set is only a few dollars more than their 12pc standard screwdriver set.

Deal Price: $77.53

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Tekton 4pc Mini Screwdriver Set

Tekton Mini Screwdriver Set

This one’s not really a deal, but take a look at these teeny tiny super-stubby Tekton mini screwdriver set!

Price: $7.95

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Klein 25′ Tape Measure

Klein Tape Measure

This Klein 25′ tape measure has a 13ft standout and “uncluttered” easy-read blade.

Deal Price: $19.99

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Klein & Knipex Side Cutting Pliers

Knipex and Klein Side Cutting Pliers

Save on Klein and Knipex side-cutting pliers. The prices seem lower than at competing retailers. If you’re been eyeballing any of these models, maybe now’s a good time to snag one.

Buy Now via Amazon

Knipex Cobra Pliers 3pc Set with Pouch

Knipex Cobra Pliers 3pc Set with Pouch

The price on this Knipex Cobra 3pc adjustable pliers set has been changing, but one that that remains true is how great these pliers are.

The current price at all other dealers seems to be $114.

This set comes with 5″, 10″, and 12″ Knipex Cobra pliers, plus a tool pouch.

Deal Price: $107.54

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BUT, if you don’t care about the pouch, you can buy the pliers separately for around the same pirce, or just the sizes you need/want.

Skil 20V Max Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Kits

Skil 20V Drill and Impact Driver Kit Deals Fathers Day 2021

These are good prices on name-brand 20V Max cordless drill kits, even entry-level models.

Deal Price: $60

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Streamlight Bandit Pro Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Streamlight Bandid Pro Rechargeable LED Headlamp

I don’t know a lot about this Streamlight headlamp, but it seems to be a good price. I’ll check this out in greater detail tomorrow – it seems like a neat design at least.

Deal Price: $26.13

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Beyond by Black + Decker Tape Measure 2-Pack

Black Decker Beyond Tape Measures

Black * & Decker’s Beyond tape measure 2-pack is priced at just over $12. What’s compelling here is that you ger 12′ and 16′ tapes, and not the usual 16′ and 25′ combination.

Deal Price: $12.28

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Save on Klein Tools

Klein Tool Deals 6-4-2021

Save on some Klein tools and sets.

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Streamlight Stylus Pro USB-Rechargeable Flashlight

Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Flashlight

I like Streamlight flashlights, I like the Streamlight Stylus Pro, and I have started liking rechargeable LED flashlights.

I’d probably like this one too, and user reviews seem to be quite good.

The regular Stylus Pro USB is a few cents less expensive, but this model looks to be a good buy if you prefer blue over black.

Deal Price: $49.10

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Wiss Shop Shears

Wiss Shop Shears

These Wiss 10″ “shop shears” have a serrated lower blade, a notch for cutting rope and twine, a safety point, and ajustable pivot tension. And, they’re made from 420 stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

I’ve never seen this tool before, but now I’m paying attention now.

Deal Price: $11.58

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Rockwell Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell Sonicrafter Deal Fathers Day 2021

Save on this Rockwell Sonicrafter oscillating multi-tool. It has a tool-free blade change and comes with a couple of starter cutting blades and sanding accessories.

Deal Price: $74.83

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Save on Crescent Tools

Save on Crescent Tools Fathers Day 2021

There are a whole lot of Crescent, Lufkin, Wiss, and other Crescent brands’ tools on sale right now.

Buy Now via Amazon

More Skil Cordless Power Tool Deals

Skil Cordless Power Tool Deals Fathers Day 2021

Here are additional Skil cordless deals.

$80 for a brushless drill kit?!

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Halder Rubber Mallet

Halder Rubber Mallet

This seems like a good deal for a Halder mallet. The blue face is soft rubber, the grey face is a medium-hard rubber.

NOTE: This is a 12 oz hammer with 30mm (1.18″) diameter faces – it’s a relatively SMALL hammer. Don’t look at the product image – it’s wrong. Other retailers have this hammer for $31, and so you’re saving around $5 and change with this deal.

Deal Price: $25.84

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Irwin Vise-Grip End Nippers

Irwin Vise-Grip End Nippers

The Irwin 8″ end-cutting nippers are on sale for an even $20. Is this a good deal?

Deal Price: $20.00

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Sperry Voltage Tester

Sperry Voltage Tester

I haven’t tried Sperry voltage testers or their other electrical testing tools before, but this one looks to be a few dollars less than normal. Good deal, or do you prefer a different brand for something like this?

Deal Price: $10.21

Buy Now via Amazon

Are You Buying Anything?

I couldn’t pass up some of these deals, and purchased the Gearwrench Pitbull pliers,Vessel Megadora screwdriver set (8pc with foam tray, not the actual deal set), and I’m leaning towards buying one or both of the small-sized Halder hammers. (I bought some of their tools a few months ago and so far have been pleased with the brand.)

I might buy some of the SATA tools as well. I’ve been using a new Husky dead blow on some rough materials and it’s showing signs of abuse despite only being a few weeks old. I’m thinking maybe the 37oz dead blow for $20.03.

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