Save $30 on this Gearwrench Mechanics Tool Set!

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I posted about Gearwrench’s drawer-friendly mechanics tool set last month, and ordered a set for use, testing, and review earlier this month.

It seems like a solid selection of tools, and I do like that the ratchets are from the 120XP line, providing one of the smallest minimum swing arcs on the market today.

There are much larger sets out there, but this one is nicely equipped while also being very compact and space-efficient. I think it’s a fantastic one-drawer solution. It doesn’t have everything, such as a breaker bar or flex-head ratchet, but that’s okay.

Anyway, that’s why I’m interested in this set. I bought one to test out, to see how well it fits my needs. Plus, enough readers expressed interest that it shoved me off the fence and into “must buy it” territory. (Thank you also to Gearwrench for being a ToolGuyd sponsor!)

I was checking my Home Depot order history and noticed that the price is now lower than what I paid.

I paid $229 with free shipping, and the price is now $199 with free shipping!

Sale Price: $199

Buy Now via Home Depot

(I called up the Home Depot Pro line and it took just 4 minutes to get the $30 plus tax price adjustment, and this includes the 3-question after-call survey I waited to fill out. I am seriously impressed with how easy and fast this was!)

I tend to prefer 6pt sockets over 12pt – this set has a mix of the two styles – but I haven’t had issues with 12pt sockets and have been warming up to them. I might feel differently if I predominantly worked with rusted and damaged fasteners, I’m not really sure.

Please let me know if you have any questions – I’ve got this set on my test bench (until I can clear out some space in my tool box) and at the ready.

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