I’ve Been Loving Home Depot’s Free Shipping!

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I was at my local Home Depot store the other day, and all of the bulk T20 impact screwdriver bits were sold out, at least the larger 5-count and larger packs. I still have some on-hand, and so I’m not too worried. I’ll pick them up another time.

On a return trip for other supplies the next day, I also wanted to get some Milwaukee Shockwave T30 power bits in 2″ length, but they didn’t have any. I don’t need them immediately, but within a couple of days would be helpful.

I hopped online when I got home, found the Milwaukee Shockwave 5-pack, and ordered it right away.

I have been placing more orders like this in recent months. I wanted a certain bubble line level and ordered it online. Hand tools? I ordered it online. Fasteners? Accessories? I ordered those too.

Home Depot Free Shipping on Tools

Here’s the biggest reason I have been ordering more from Home Depot’s website – FREE shipping with no minimum on certain items.

Some items still have restrictions and can only be ordered for in-store pickup, freight delivery, or ground shipping with a $45 minimum.

But there are very many items that simply ship for free. There are no subscription fees, no minimum order amounts, no restrictions. You order it and they send it to you without tacking on added fees.

All of the Milwaukee promo tools that I mentioned yesterday ship for free.

For something like a $6 pack of screwdriver bits, this is amazing.

There are other ways I could have gotten T30 bits, such as going with insert bits, alternate brands, or shopping at a different retailer. But I prefer Milwaukee Shockwave for impact bits these days, and Home Depot offering free shipping on them worked out well.

Other online retailers carry these screwdriver bits, model 48-32-4687 for the 5-pack, and for around the same price (or slightly higher), but where else can I get them for $6 with free shipping?

I started noticing this trend on certain products at least during the 2020 winter holiday shopping season, perhaps earlier, and assumed it was an effort by Home Depot to reduce foot traffic in stores due to the COVID pandemic. If that’s the case, hopefully this policy drummed up enough sales for them to consider extending the program.

Shop Home Depot

I’m not the only one to have noticed and been taking advantage of this, right?

This is especially a big deal on power tool accessories, where other Milwaukee dealers might have $49, $99, or even $199 minimum order amounts. It really stinks to have to pay more in shipping fees for a tiny pack of screwdriver bits if I can’t wait to add it to a larger order.

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