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Wurth Zebra Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver Set Review

Wurth Zebra Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver Offers Multi-Bit Driver Versatility

In the past, we have reviewed the Wurth Zebra 3K T-Handle TORX Driver as well as the Wurth Zebra T-Handle Socket Head Screwdriver. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Wurth Zebra Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver, a convenient tool that offers more versatility than a standard T-handle driver set.


  • Comfortable handle
  • 11 interchangeable bits included
  • Swappable 1/4-inch hex shaft
  • 3-position wheel (forward/lock/reverse) with one-handed direction change


  • Premium price
  • Ratcheting mechanism can get in the way in really tight spots

Using the Wurth Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver

The Wurth Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver combines the power of traditional T-handle drivers and the convenience of ratcheting screwdrivers into one platform. You can apply even pressure and tremendous torque in tandem with the benefits of a ratchet which eliminates the need to adjust your grip as you turn.

Wurth Zebra Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver

The 45-tooth gear design offers strong driving performance up to 40 Nm (354 in-lbs) and you can switch between its three positions easily with one hand. There is some travel in the shank while in the neutral position. That’s pretty standard for any ratcheting screwdriver, though. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need 8° of ratcheting handle twist to make progress if you’re reaching deep into an engine compartment.

Wurth Zebra Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver

The ratcheting mechanism that makes the tool so easy to use also hampers it somewhat. It’s wider than standard T-handle drivers without it, limiting the reach in some areas. However, the shank is actually removable and it’s conveniently a 1/4-inch hex. You can swap out other 1/4-inch hex shank bits and extensions to get what you need. This can be anything from screwdriver and nut driver bits to longer multi-bit extensions. The shank uses a simple friction fit, so it takes a little muscle to pull it out and insert a new one.

Wurth Zebra Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver

The shaft fully seats with about 4 inches of reach and you can slide it out to reach roughly 5 inches. The driver comes with 11 bits to cover a lot of fasteners you might come across. Any 1/4-inch hex bit fits into the magnetic end in case you need other sizes or styles.

Wurth Zebra Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver Set

Wurth’s T-Handle design is very comfortable in hand thanks to that Zebra comfort grip. It’s something we really enjoy about all of Wurth’s Zebra-branded line.

Included Driver Bits

  • 1/4-Inch Socket Adapter
  • Slotted 5.5 mm Bit
  • 4mm Hexagon/Allen Bit
  • 5mm Hexagon/Allen Bit
  • Phillips 1 Bit (PH 1)
  • Phillips 2 Bit (PH 2)
  • TORX Bits: TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX30

Wurth Zebra Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver Price

At the time we’re writing this, the Wurth Ratcheting T-Handle Screwdriver Set runs $49.90. Wurth’s price positions it among other premium brands like Snap-On ($72). This is a bit on the high side, however, and entry-level brands such as DeWalt are tend to run $15-$20 less than this one.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we like what Wurth has to offer with this ratcheting T-handle screwdriver. Its comfortable ratcheting and multi-bit characteristics let it take the place of multiple sets of standard T-handle drivers while its swappable shaft opens up the possibility of a longer reach. This is a Pro-level tool we can easily recommend that also makes a nice splurge purchase for serious DIYers.

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