HOT Milwaukee Hand Tool Deals at Home Depot

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Milwaukee Tool and Home Depot are trying something new this year, with an interesting Father’s Day promo.

Here’s what’s on sale for $14.97 each:

Note: The Autolock 25′ tape measure is also $15.

By themselves, these are all really good deals. For instance, the Milwaukee 11-in-1 multi-bit screwdriver is $11 by itself. Here, with this deal, it’s 2 for $15.

The 6-in-1 wire stripper was $20 for Black Friday. It’s now $15 – a very good price for a great tool.

The Fastback utility knife deal is a repeat of a similar $15 promo from the 2020 winter holiday season.

But, on top of these promo prices, there’s another bonus deal on top of that: Buy 3, get 1 free. Basically, buy any 4 of these 5 tools, and you get 25% off your total purchase amount.

So of course, instead of buying two of the deals I was immediately interested in, I grabbed one more to buy and then one more to get for free.

When you buy 4 items, it comes out to $44.91 for 4 tools, or $11.23 each.

Is this because Milwaukee hand tool promos tend to sell at different rates? Whatever the reason, it worked. I might have bought the screwdrivers on the spot and thought about the other promos later at home. Instead, I bought one of everything but the 75pc knife blades 2-pack.

The deal works in-store AND ONLINE, with free shipping.

If shopping online, if you only want to buy one or two of the tools, you still get free shipping with no minimum! If you want more than 4 of these items, you get 25% off your order!

If you want 4 of one kind of tool, such as 4x screwdriver 2-packs, the deal still works.

Buy Now via Home Depot:

I’d love to see more deals like this one on other Milwaukee hand tools – squares, pliers, cutters, and other such tools.

Raise your hand if you couldn’t pass up this promo. I’m very likely going to order some more items for delivery to give as gifts, or maybe even to include in tool kit giveaways.

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