Wilton Bench Vise and BASH Sledge Hammer Combo

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Sam wrote:

I am not sure if this is a good deal or not but thought I would pass it on. Amazon is running a Wilton 6.5 inch utility bench vise combo with 4lb BASH sledge hammer on special for $129.31. It appears to be a good DYI bench vise and hammer for the money.

This is a pretty good deal. Last holiday season it was a few dollars more, and other dealers have this same bundle set for $150 to $166.

If you want exactly what’s offered here, $129 and change is a greater price for this bundle.

With this bundle, you get Wilton’s 6-1/2″ utility vise, with 180° swivel base and 30,000 PSI iron body construction, and a 4lb 12-inch BASH sledge hammer.

Vise Specs

  • Model 676
  • 6-1/2″ jaw width
  • 5-1/2″ max opening
  • 3-13/16″ throat depth
  • 1/8″ – 2-1/2″ pipe jaw capacity

Wilton says that the vise has a 43 lb shipping weight, which disagrees with Amazon’s vague mention of a 21.3 lb weight. I mention this because 21 pounds would be very underweight for a vise this size, but Wilton’s spec sheet values put this concern at ease.

The BASH hammer by itself appears to be priced at $48 via Amazon. I couldn’t find many listings for the vise by itself outside of pricier listings on Amazon (via 3rd party), but there’s a similar vise (676U) that’s selling for $144 with free shipping via Amazon.

Wilton’s 676 and 676U vises are different enough that you cannot make direct comparisons.

In any case, with the vise + BASH hammer bundle, Wilton describes the hammer as a free inclusion. The pricing seems to agree with this.

User reviews tend to be mostly positive.

This seems to be a decent deal if you’re looking for a bench vise this size and can use the BASH hammer as well.

Price: $129.31

Buy Now via Amazon

Thank you Sam for the tip!

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