Would You Use This 3-Shelf Mechanics Tool Cart?

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I’ve had this Luxor 3-shelf mechanics tool cart in my topics list for a few months now, and I’m still not quite sure it’s a good product to post about.

On one hand, it’s a mechanics tool and utility cart, and of a different design than typical mechanics tool carts. But on the other hand, it looks like it could be very useful as a general purpose tool or project cart.

The marketing photos show the Luxor tool cart filled with a sparse selection of tools, covered in spray bottles, and with a couple of misc. parts placed in its compartments. That’s not how I would use it – I’d have this covered in tools and supplies.

The cart has 3″ casters and is said to support up to 44 lbs per shelf for a total weight capacity of 132 lbs evenly distributed.

Each tub-shaped tray measures 2.75″ deep and has separators for some organizational flexibility. The legs are made of aluminum, and the shelves from polyamide (nylon) plastic.

The cart measures 22.75″W x 18″D x 32″H, and the empty cart it described as weighing 17 lbs.

It has magnetic side panels for holding steel hand tools and parts.

I found this on Zoro when looking for a different type of tool cart, and it’s on Amazon as well from the same brand. There’s also a seemingly identical tool cart by BikeMaster on Amazon, and at lower pricing. I’ll link to both.

This looks too light and flimsy to hold a lot of tools or equipment, but would it suffice for light duty tasks?

Might it be a good task-oriented cart, such as for woodworking glue-ups to hold all of your glue, supports, and brushes? A woodworking finishing cart? 3D printing tools and accessories cart? Automotive detailing cart? I can see this being used as a bike maintenance cart.

I find myself between two walls of thought – this could be useful and I need something a lot less… plasticky. Still, it seems to be an interesting and potentially useful design, so I thought I’d bring it up and finally cross it off my list.

What kinds of projects or tasks might you use something like this for? Or would you skip it in favor of something else?

Price: $71-92

Buy Now: Luxor via Amazon
Buy Now: BikeMaster via Amazon
Buy Now via Zoro

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