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Bosch Blaze Green Laser Measures

Next-Gen Bosch Blaze Armed with 11 Different Measuring Functions and Better Range

Bosch has just announced they’ve updated the Blaze line of laser measures. The second generation of these measuring tools come equipped with 11 different measuring functions and a range of up to 165 feet. Along with the improved functionality, the Blaze line also features improved durability and dual power capabilities. You can also power these tools either via AA batteries or optional GLM-BAT Bosch Li-ion batteries for extended runtime.

Bosch On the Next-Gen Blaze Laser Distance Measures

Now with upgraded measuring functions like the tape measure and big number mode for greater visibility and improved tool settings for easy use, we are happy to introduce the newest generation of Blaze Laser measures. The line is intentionally built with end-users in mind and designed to withstand virtually any job in any application and offers a significant benefit with its dual power source capabilities.

Ricardo Pedroso,Product Manager for Bosch Power Tools

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