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Metric Combination Tap Drills

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In a recent post about combination tap drills, a reader asked if there were any metric options. Yes, there are!

This Milwaukee Shockwave 5pc set is impact-rated, with M4, M5, M6, M8, and M10 sizes. They can be used in metal materials up to 1/4″ thick.

Price: $30

Buy Now via Home Depot

To my knowledge, the Milwaukee Shockwave bits are the only impact-rated accessories listed here. The others should only be used with a drill or cordless screwdriver, unless indicated otherwise by the manufacturer.

Wera Combination Metric Drill Tap Bits

Wera has a combination tap drill bit set that comes with a Rapidaptor bit holder and insert-style tap drills. It comes with M3, M4, M5, M8, and M10 sizes.

Price: $50-$62

Buy Now via Amazon

Wera also has a set of metric tap bits designed for use with pre-drilled holes, priced at $48-52 at Amazon.

Greenlee Combination Metric Drill Tap Bits

Greenlee, which would likely be my go-to pick for inch combination tap drills, has a 6pc metric set with quick change bit holder. The tap drills are available in M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, and M10 sizes.

Price: $42

Buy Now via Amazon

Greenlee also has a combination/inch set, priced at $39 via Amazon. On the same page, they also have extended-length inch combination tap drills, a variation I don’t believe I have seen from other brands yet.

Champion Combination Metric Drill Tap

Lastly, we’ve got Champion, a more industrial-focused brand of drill bits and hand taps, compared to the more construction-focused brands listed above. Well, Milwaukee and Greenlee are more construction-focused, and the Wera set seems more MRO/repair-focused, but still – Champion is a top tier brand when it comes to drill bits and taps.

Champion’s metric combination drill and tap set comes with 6 sizes – M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, and M12.

Price: $86

Buy Now via Amazon

Champion also has a 10pc inch/standard set that ranges from 6-32 to 1/2-13, priced at $134 via Amazon.

What are Combination Tap Drills?

Basically, these are 3-in-1 cutting tools that drill a hole into thinner sheet and plate metal materials, cut threads into the hole sidewalls for use with machine screws, threaded rod, and other fasteners, and there’s usually a countersink feature that deburs and bevels the front edge of the hole.

These are designed to be used with a handheld cordless drill, and some are impact-rated for use with an impact driver.

Different brands’ recommendations and guidelines can vary, such as the maximum thickness of material their tap drills can be used with.

Cutting or tapping fluid can usually be used where appropriate.

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Combination Tap Drills – Pros and Cons?

Here’s a quick demo video:

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