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EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower ZT4204L Review

Highly-Anticipated EGO Zero Turn Riding Mower Set to Make its Debut

The team at EGO whet our appetites about a ZT they had in the works a while back. Now, we’ve had a chance to put the EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower through its paces.

Check out our video review of the EGO Z6!


  • Uses the same 56V ArcLithium batteries as other EGO lawn care products
  • Onboard fast charging system
  • LED lights cover both safety during the day and low/no-light mowing
  • Adjustable seat is comfortable and fits a wide range of heights/weights
  • Eyes forward LED charge status indicator
  • 5 drive and cutting speeds
  • Powerful cutting matches the experience of cutting with a gas-powered residential ZT
  • Easily cuts 1-1/2 acres on a charge with 2 acres possible on the stock battery set


  • Unconventional 1/3-inch deck height increments

EGO Z6 Zero Turn Power Source

Perhaps most importantly to current EGO users, they’re keeping the Z6 on the same battery platform as the rest of their 56V lineup. The mower holds up to six batteries. The anticipated 10Ah batteries give it a potential capacity of 3360 watt-hours.

EGO Z6 Zero Turn Lawn Mower Battery Bank

Let’s not overlook the importance of EGO’s design. By using their 56V battery and Peak Power technology, they use the same batteries as the rest of their tools. You can pop them out to use in other EGO 56V tools or use the batteries you already have to extend your mower’s runtime.

If you want to swap in other packs, there is a minimum capacity you need to hit. We tested it with 10Ah, 7.5Ah, 5.0Ah, and 2.5Ah batteries and any combination of at least 15Ah brings the mower to life.

Charging the EGO Z6 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Another impressive part of the system is the new charger. The EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower Charger is capable of charging up to six batteries simultaneously. It charges them on the mower, and brings the four 10Ah batteries that come with the mower back to full charge in 2 hours!

After just 15 minutes of charging, EGO tells us you get enough juice to cover a 1/4-acre of grass.

We ran the mower down to 6% battery which is where it kicks into limp mode and encourages you to head back to the charger. From there, it took 1 hour, 53 minutes to get back to 100%.

The charger is pretty substantial. However, there are keyholes on the back so you can hang it on a wall and you have a pretty generous 15-foot total reach with the cords.

Additional Features and Design Notes

Traditional Design

The Z6 maintains a fairly traditional ZT profile with independently-controlled 18-inch drive wheels on the back and 11-inch 360° caster wheels on the front to help you make those tight turns using the lap bars. 

EGO Z6 Zero Turn Lawn Mower Profile

Like most ZTs, the long wheelbase of the mower becomes noticeable when you’re mowing around objects. It’s certainly capable of tight zero-radius turns, but getting the cutting deck to hug smaller trees, buried tank covers, and other obstacles is a challenge.

LEDs for Sight and Safety

Looking at the front, you can see the LEDs. These are always on when the mower is powered up, but hit the light button on the control panel, and you’ll activate even more to help you mow in low or even no light.

LED Lights

There’s another set of LEDs on the rear that blink when you’re in Reverse to get the attention of anyone who might walk across your path.

Height Adjustments

Moving around to the driver’s right, you’ll find the manual deck height adjustment bar. It adjusts the 42-inch steel deck between 1-1/2 and 4-1/2 inches with 10 levels. 

Deck Height

Those levels end up being at 1/3-inch increments. It’s a little odd and but isn’t a big deal once you find the height you want to stick with.

Device Storage and Charging

The EGO Z6 Zero Turn Lawn Mower gives you a handy storage area with a magnetic closure and interior USB charging. It’s big enough to store your phone, wallet, and keys if you like.

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