New Tekton Wobble Handle – Sounds Funny, Looks Serious

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Wobble extensions are like socket extensions, but with a “wobble” tip – a special drive end that allows for slight off-axis rotation of a socket and engagement of a fastener.

The new Tekton wobble handles are L-shaped with a square drive on the short end and wobble shaped square drive on the long end.

It’s kind of like a hex ball driver, but with square drive ends to fit sockets instead of hex drive to fit fasteners.

Tekton Wobble Handle Drive Ends

The straight square drive on the short end can be used for higher torque, and the wobble end is used when you need a bit of off-axis freedom of motion.

Tekton Wobble Handle Features

Tekton suggests it can be used as a complement to ratchets and other drive tools, such as when turning mated fasteners where there’s a nut one side and a bolt head on the other.

The handle is made from 6140 steel and has a knurled grip section.

There are two sizes – 3/8″ drive and 1/2″ drive.

Price: $10 for 3/8″, $15 for 1/2″


I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a “wobble handle” before. Have you?

It certainly looks interesting, and the pricing is attractive.

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