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Best Makita Drill Reviews 2024

We’ve tested dozens of drills in our search for the best cordless drill. There’s no doubt that Makita is one of the more popular brands among Pro’s, so we’re highlighting the best Makita drills we think you should consider.

Keep in mind—these careful picks come after hours and hours of testing and real-world use. We know the best Makita drill may not be the same for everyone. Rather than recommend a single tool for everyone, we recommend several different models that provide the perfect blend of performance, features, ergonomics, and value for different types of users.

Best Makita Drill – Our Top Picks

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Best Makita 40V XGT Drill

40V XGT Hammer Drill GPH01

When I consider what the best drill is in any lineup, I immediately gravitate toward the highest performing. For this reason, the best Makita 40V cordless drill is the XGT GPH01 hammer drill.

Using a standard 40V battery, it’s a highly capable drill that can handle most of the applications Pros might encounter. With 2,600 RPM on the top end, 39,000 BPM when you’re drilling in concrete, and a monster 1,250 in-lbs of torque, it’s easily the top-tier model that Makita hast to offer. It’s also one of the front runners on the performance side compared to other professional-grade drills.

Not surprisingly, the major trade-off for the higher performance is a larger, heavier tool. It’s especially noticeable when trying to access tight spaces or after a long day on the jobsite. It’s also on the expensive side of Makita’s lineup, though the pricing is in line with what we expect from top models from other Pro brands.


Buy the Makita GPH01 if you like:

  • Highest performance Makita offers in a hammer drill
  • Large steel, masonry, and wood drilling capacity
  • Two-speed gearbox
  • Extensive electronic clutch settings
  • Impressive 1,250 in-lbs of torque


Consider another model if your deal-breakers include:

  • Largest, heaviest Makita hammer drill
  • More expensive than other options in the lineup

Numbers to Know

  • Motor: Brushless
  • Chuck: 1/2-inch
  • Top Speed: 2,600 RPM
  • Max Hammer Rate: 39,000 BPM
  • Max Power: 1,250 in-lbs
  • Bare Weight: 6 pounds (with 4.0Ah battery)
  • Head Length: 7-1/8 inches

Price: $244 bare tool, $499 kit with two 2.5Ah batteries, a charger, and a storage bag.

Best Makita 18V LXT Drill

18V LXT Hammer Drill XPH14

Makita XPH14 hammer drill

Moving over to the LXT lineup, we have the XPH14 hammer drill. In spite of the smaller battery platform, this drill is nearly identical in size and weight to the 40V GPH01. Where you’ll see the differences show are on the performance side.

While the torque remains the same as the XGT model, there is a notable drop in RPMs and BPM. However, the top speed and blow rate are right in line with what we expect from Pro-grade hammer drills in this voltage class. The Makita XPH14 is great for tackling a wide range of wood, steel, and masonry drilling tasks around your home or jobsite.

At 7 inches long and 3.7 pounds bare, it’s right in line with what i expect from a pro-grade 18V drill. You can certainly go light and more compact, as I’ll discuss later on, but you will see a drop in performance when you prioritze size and weight.


Buy the Makita XPH14 if you like:

  • Impressive torque specs for high-demand applications
  • Kit include two batteries
  • Confident hammer drilling capabilities


Consider another model if your deal-breakers include:

  • Not any smaller or lighter than the 40V model
  • Kit price is a little more expensive than comparable models

Numbers to Know

  • Motor: Brushless
  • Chuck: 1/2-inch
  • Top Speed: 2,100 RPM
  • Max Hammer Rate: 31,500 BPM
  • Max Power: 1,250 in-lbs
  • Bare Weight: 6 pounds (with 5.0Ah battery)
  • Head Length: 7 inches

Price: $179 bare, $299 kit with two 5.0Ah batteries, storage bag, and charger

Best Makita 12V CXT Drill

12V CXT Hammer Drill PH05

Makita PH05 hammer drill

It’s tough to find too many 12V models that include a comprehensive feature set. As a compact supplement to more powerful 18V models, many manufacturers are more interested in keeping the cost down. It’s not too often that you’ll find a 12V drill with smart controls, smart tracking, specialized modes, or the suite of accessories that premium flagship models have. Such is the case with this Makita 12V PH05 hammer drill.

This compact hammer drill has a top speed of 1,500 RPM with 22,500 BPM and 280 in-lbs of torque. That’s noticably slower and less powerful than the 18V LXT XPH14, but it also clocks in at nearly half the weight.

It’s still a great tool, though, and you should take a look at what all the 12V CXT system has to offer. If your work doesn’t require the absolute highest performance and you can lean on lighter, more compact tools, then the Makita 12V CXT hammer drill might just be right up your alley.


Buy the Makita PH05 if you like:

  • Lightweight, compact option
  • 12V batteries add less weight than the 18V and 40V batteries
  • Available as a drill/driver (FD09) if you don’t need the hammer drill function


Consider another model if your deal-breakers include:

  • Not compatible with the popular 18V battery system
  • Performance level is not sufficient for your work

Numbers to Know

  • Motor: Brushless
  • Chuck: 3/8-inch
  • Top Speed: 1500 RPM
  • Max Hammer Rate: 22,500 BPM
  • Power: 280 in-lbs
  • Bare Weight: 2.4 pounds (with a 2.0Ah battery)
  • Head Length: 6.6 inches

Price: $129 bare, $199 kit with two 2.0Ah batteries, a storage case, and a charger

Best Makita Drill for the Money

18V LXT Cordless Brushed Hammer Drill XPH03

Makita XPH03 hammer drill

When it comes to getting the best value from a Makita drill, I strongly recommend staying with the LXT lineup. The Makita 18V LXT XPH03 is a brushed model that provides an excellent balance between performance and price.

For performance, its 2000 RPM top speed and 30,000 BPM put it right on par, or slightly below, what we see from the brushless models. Where I see the biggest difference is the drilling power. Its 750 in-lbs are enough to maintain the same drilling capacities of the 18V XPH14, but you may spend a little more time drilling when using larger bits.

For size, the XPH03 is almost a full two inches longer than the XPH14, but that’s expected when it comes to brushed tools. It measures 8-7/8 inches from tip to tail and weighs in at 5.1 pounds with a 5.0Ah battery. If size is a non-issue, then this is a great option. However, if you’re freaquenly working in tight spaces, I’d recommend going with one of the smaller brushless models.


Buy the Makita XPH03 if you like:

  • Excellent value when you consider performance and price point
  • Lighter than brushless model
  • Comparable drilling capacity to brushless XPH14


Consider another model if your deal-breakers include:

  • Not as powerful as Makita’s brushless 18V XPH14

Numbers to Know

  • Motor: Brushed
  • Chuck: 1/2-inch
  • Top Speed: 2000 RPM
  • Max Hammer Rate: 30,000 BPM
  • Power: 750 in-lbs
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds (with 4.0Ah battery)
  • Head Length: 8.9 inches

Price: $139 bare, $369 kit with two 4.0Ah batteries, storage bag, and a charger

Best Makita Drill Combo

18V LXT Cordless Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit XT269T

Makita XR269T combo kit

When it comes to picking the best combo kit, it’s important to understand what I look for. Typically, if I’m shopping for a combo kit, my goal is to get the best value for my money. Often times, that means overlooking the highest performing model in order to make my dollar stretch a little further.

In the case of the best Makita drill combo, I have to go with the 18V LXT XT269T hammer drill/impact driver combo kit. This kit includes the XPH12 brushless hammer drill, XDT13 brushless impact driver, two 5.0Ah batteries, a charger, and a storage bag.

On the performance side, the hammer drill has a top speed of 2,000 RPM, 30,000 BPM, and a max torque of 530 in-lbs, very similar to the XPH03. The impact driver’s speed tops out at 3,400 RPM, 3,600 IPM, and 1,500 in-lbs of torque.

As I mentioned before, this combo kit isn’t the highest performing duo, but for $309, it’s a heck of a deal. If your looking for a high-performance matchup, I suggest looking at the 40V XGT GT201M1D1 that includes Makita’s flagship hammer drill and impact driver.


Buy the Makita XT269T if you like:

  • Good performance level and value
  • Brushless motors
  • Comes with two batteries to keep you going all day


Consider another model if your deal-breakers include:

  • Not as powerful as the 40V alternatives

Numbers to Know

  • Motor: Brushless
  • Chuck: 1/2-inch, 1/4-inch
  • Top Speed: 2,000 RPM (hammer drill), 3,400 RPM (impact driver)
  • Max Hammer Rate: 30,000 BPM (hammer drill), 3,600 IPM (impact driver)
  • Max Torque: 530 in-lbs (hammer drill), 1,500 in-lbs (impact driver)

Price: $309 with two 5.0Ah batteries, storage bag, and charger