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Dewalt PowerShift – a New Line of Cordless Power Tools

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Dewalt has announced a brand new cordless power tool system – PowerShift – featuring 6 new concrete tools that will be powered by a 554 Watt-hour battery.

Dewalt PowerShift is described as a groundbreaking equipment system to optimize the workflow of concrete jobsites through electrification.

PowerShift was designed as a way to help concrete professionals “transition away from gas-powered equipment, without compromising efficiency and performance.”

Dewalt PowerShift Cordless Power Tools Hero

At the start, the Dewalt PowerShift cordless line will include:

  • Plate Compactor
  • Rammer
  • Backpack Vibrator
  • Powerpack Vibrator
  • Power Screed
  • Core Drill and Stand
  • 554 Wh Battery
  • Charger
  • FlexVolt Adapter
Dewalt PowerShift Cordless Core Drill in Use

Here’s where things get even more interesting.

The Flexvolt to PowerShift adapter allows “use of Dewalt FlexVolt batteries for additional runtime when using Dewalt PowerShift equipment.”

Dewalt PowerShift Core Drill with FlexVolt Tool

It’s not quite clear how the adapter works, but this image shows the Dewalt PowerShift battery attached to a core drill slide carriage, with a FlexVolt 60V Max-labeled drill on top and a 20V Max-powered water source.

Dewalt PowerShift Cordless Power Tools 2024 Launch

Each battery weighs 11.5 lbs, suggesting that it’s destined to power light equipment rather than handheld power tools like circular saws, reciprocating saws, or impact wrenches.

The new high-rate charger can recharge the 554 Wh battery in less than one hour.

To help put things into context, 554 Wh would be the equivalent of a 20V Max battery with 27.7Ah charge capacity. Or, it holds about the same energy as a 72V or 80V Max battery with 7Ah charge capacity.

We don’t yet have details about the PowerShift battery technology, but will be asking plenty of questions to learn more.

It’s clear that this is an attempt to take on Milwaukee MX FUEL, the red team’s growing line of cordless light equipment, which recently saw the introduction of next-generation batteries.

Dewalt PowerShift products will be available at commercial and industrial suppliers starting in Fall 2024.