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Lowe’s Workers Report FLEX Tools Stop Sale

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Lowe’s store associates have been spreading the word about a Stop Sale Alert on Flex cordless power tools.

In a post titled What’s up with Flex recall on Reddit, a Lowe’s associate says they were requested to “pull a whole bunch of Flex tools.”

Another mentioned seeing alerts about Flex tools being “restricted from sale.” A self-described department supervisor says they “pulled so much flex today,” and another Lowe’s associates remarked “so that’s why there are carts full of Flex tools in receiving.”

Flex Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit Discontinued at Lowes

The Flex combo kit pictured in the Stop Sale alert seems to have been pulled from Lowe’s online store, as it now has a “this item is no longer sold on” notice.

Stop sales sometimes precede safety recalls, but there could be other reasons involved.

At this time, many Flex cordless power tools are still available online. That would not be the case if Lowe’s stop sale was the first part of a recall.

It could just be a coincidence, but Lowe’s did not feature any Flex cordless power tools in their Black Friday 2023 sales flyers. With this stop sale, Lowe’s prematurely ended 2 out of the 3 “buy a Flex cordless starter kit or combo kit and get a free tool” holiday promotions they’ve been running. The promos were set to end on 1/31/24.

Flex 5Ah Battery Discontinued at Lowes

Lowe’s is no longer selling Flex’s standard batteries online; only the premium-priced Stacked Lithium batteries can be found in a search. Other vendors are still selling Flex’s older batteries.

Flex Cordless Drill Clearance at Lowes 2023

Some Flex tool bundles are labeled as “clearance” items that are no longer available for purchase online.

Flex Cordless 2-Tool Combo Kit Discontinued at Lowes

And others are just “no longer sold on”

A number of tool-only SKUs, kits, and select combo kits are still available for pickup at Lowe’s stores in my area.

Flex Cordless 2-Tool Stacked Lithium Combo Kit at Lowes

The higher priced Stacked Lithium combo kits don’t seem to be affected by the stop sale.

It’s not clear why Lowe’s is pulling (some?) Flex tools off their sales floors, or why certain Flex tool kits and batteries are no longer available from their website.

We reached out to Flex Tools last week asking for clarity about the matter, but have not yet heard back.