Kobalt Launched 3 New CaseStack Tool Boxes

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Lowe’s quietly launched 3 new CaseStack modular tool storage products – a 2-drawer tool box, a removable bin organizer, and a compact organizer.

Kobalt CaseStack 2-Drawer Tool Box Open

The new tool box features 2 deep drawers which Kobalt says can fit “most handheld power tools.”

It’s rated to IP65 dust and water resistance and also features a top handle, metal slides, and a sliding latch that keeps the drawers secure during transport.

They give you enough dividers to compartmentalize one of the two drawers.

Price: $119

Kobalt CaseStack Organizer Closed

Lowe’s also launched a new Kobalt CaseStack organizer.

Kobalt CaseStack Organizer with Removable Bins

The organizer features a clear lid, 35 lb weight capacity, and IP65 dust and water resistance.

It comes with 11 removable bins – 9 small and 2 large. The larger bins are divided into 3 compartments each, giving the organizer tool box 15 individual compartments for tools, parts, and accessories.

Price: $45

Kobalt CaseStack Compact Organizer with Removable Bins

There is also a new compact organizer.

Lowe’s says that the Kobalt compact organizer has “9 individual compartments to store hardware and accessories,” but I only count 4 bins (3 small, 1 large) with 6 total compartments.

It has a 15 lb weight capacity and IP65 dust and water resistance rating.

The compact organizer is designed to be stacked in pairs on top of any full-size Kobalt CaseStack tool box.

Price: $30


The pricing seems a bit high to me – the 2-drawer tool box costs $20 more than Dewalt’s ToughSystem equivalent is selling for right now, and the organizer matches Dewalt ToughSystem pricing and comes close to Milwaukee Packout’s ($45 vs $50).

But, it’s good to see Lowe’s and Kobalt sticking with and expanding the CaseStack modular tool box system.

Lowe’s now has 6 different modular tool box systems – Craftsman VersaStack and TradeStack, Kobalt CaseStack, Kobalt Stack Pack, Klein ModBox, and ToughBuilt StackTech.

It will be interesting to see if and how CaseStack will be expanded further.

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