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Milwaukee has 2 New Aluminum Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrenches

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Milwaukee launched 2 new aluminum-handle self-adjusting pipe wrenches that were designed to provide better access when working in tight spaces.

Both feature a self-setting adjustment that can rapidly bite into various types of pipes and connections.

The handles are described as being ergonomic, with Milwaukee saying they won’t dig into your palms during use.

Milwaukee Self-Adjuting Aluminum Pipe Wrench Jaws

Features include a slim head that better fits in tight spaces, a large jaw opening lever that allows for easy one-handed use, and a tether-ready handle loop.

The jaws are tough and hardened for increased grip and tooth durability.

Milwaukee 18-inch Self-Adjuting Aluminum Pipe Wrench

The 14″ wrench has a capacity of 3/8″ to 2″, and the 18″ wrench has a capacity of 3/4″ to 2-1/2″.

Launch Pricing:

18″ (48-22-7418) – $85
14″ (48-22-7414) – $60

Milwaukee Plumbing Pipe Wrench Guide 2024

The 2 new pipe wrenches join Milwaukee’s broad line of steel and aluminum pipe wrenches. According to this chart, Milwaukee Tool now has 29 different pipe wrenches, not including 3 basin and faucet wrenches.


It’s always nice to see Milwaukee’s take on tried and true hand tool designs.

I have used self-adjusting pipe wrenches before – mainly smaller ones, but not enough to have formed any preferences.

From past conversations, it seems that – inline with Milwaukee’s sales points – a lot of plumbers prefer self-adjusting pipe wrenches when working in tighter spaces, and traditional-style pipe wrenches for general purpose use.

What’s your take on the new pipe wrench designs? How likely are you to add these to your plumbing tool kit?