5 New Milwaukee Quik-Lok Outdoor Tool Attachments

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Milwaukee is expanding their line of M18 Fuel Quik-Lok outdoor tools with 5 new attachments.

The Milwaukee Quik-Lok system features a brushless motor base handle and growing line of quick-change tools and attachments.

All of the new attachments will be launching in January 2024.

Quik-Lok Blower Attachment (49-16-2793)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Quik-Lok Blower Attachment

The new Milwaukee Quik-Lok blower attachment provide users with extra reach, making it easier to clear around, under, or above obstacles.

  • 120 MPH max air speed
  • 500 CFM max airflow
  • 12N blowing force
  • 59 dB(A) sound pressure rating
  • 34″ length
  • 66″ overall length (with M18 Fuel Power Head)
  • Weighs 4.6 lbs

Price: $159

Quik-Lok Hedge Trimmer Attachment (49-16-2796)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Quik-Lok Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The new split-boom 20″ hedge trimmer can cut branches up to 3/4″ thick.

  • 20″ blade length
  • Tip guard
  • 3/4″ max cutting capacity
  • 3500 SPM
  • 41.2″ length
  • Weighs 4.3 lbs

Price: $169

Quik-Lok Cultivator Attachment (49-16-2739)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Quik-Lok Cultivator Attachment

Milwaukee’s first cultivator attachment breaks up, loosens, and mixes the ground for creating or maintaining garden beds.

  • 9″ tilling width
  • (4) 9″ diameter 4-tine bolo blades
  • 41.5″ length
  • Weighs 9.4 lbs

Price: $249

Quik-Lok Reciprocator Attachment (49-16-2794)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Quik-Lok Reciprocator Attachment

The reciprocator is part trimmer, part brush cutter. Milwaukee designed the cutting head to minimize thrown debris and prevent marring during close proximity cutting.

  • Dual 9″ blades
  • 1/2″ cutting capacity
  • 4,900 CPM
  • 38″ length
  • Weighs 5.2 lbs

Price: $399

Quik-Lok Bed Redefiner Attachment (49-16-2795)

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Quik-Lok Bed Redefiner Attachment

The Quik-Lok bed definer is used to reestablish garden bed edges, and has an integrated mud flap and blade guard to help prevent debris kickback and promote material containment during use.

  • 35″ length
  • 2,000 RPM
  • Mud flaps prevent dirt and debris kick-back
  • Skid plate protects gear box from wear
  • 2.75″ trench cutting depth
  • 3.0″ trench width
  • Weighs 6.4 lbs

Price: $279

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