The End of the Line for Husky Pro Tool Storage?

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Home Depot had a fantastic Black Friday deal on Husky Pro tool storage products where you could buy a 72″ roller cabinet at 50% off and get a free attachment module.

This was a huge deal on excellent quality steel tool storage products.

I tested this same workbench earlier this year, and it was a wonderful experience. I couldn’t believe the low price Home Depot was selling it for last week!

The hutches and side lockers looked to sell out quickly, and some shoppers still snatched up a Husky Pro mobile workbench with a top locker or pair of smaller lockers.

Then, the product pages vanished. Home Depot usually does this for products they don’t plan to sell again in the near-future.

Does that mean this is the end of the line for the Husky Pro tool storage system?

I thought the deal was part of Home Depot’s massive Black Friday sale, but there are signs it was also a clearance sale.

What if you bought the 72″ workbench and got a free hutch and also want to buy a side locker or two? Or, what if you placed your order after the hutch sold out and still want one?

Even if there will be a new production run, which is not guaranteed, I don’t think Home Depot is restocking any of these Pro storage products soon.

I asked Home Depot’s Husky brand manager if unavailability (temporary or otherwise) would affect parts or lifetime warranty considerations, and was told that Husky’s manufacturing partners “stock all replaceable parts to honor any warranty issues.” That’s at least a bit of good news.

Should you cancel or return your orders? I wouldn’t, and definitely not if I bought one at its the recent deal price.

Husky Pro Tool Storage Mobile Workbench in Black Hero

If I bought the tool cabinet with the plan to build up a complete setup like shown here, maybe then I’d have second thoughts.

But even then, the price was good enough where I’d try to find a way to connect other brands’ add-ons if necessary.

You might not share that sentiment, and so this was a necessary discussion to have.

Husky tries new things, and not every new tool or storage product works out.

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