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Hilti is Launching a Nuron-Powered Tool Balancer

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The new Hilti EXO-T-22 Nuron-powered tool balancer is designed for “helping tools up to 37 pounds feel nearly weightless.”

Hilti has not yet provided us with any press information or product details, but there are some reviews on TikTok from influencers who tested it out about a month ago.

All Hilti says on their website so far, aside for the load capacity, is that the EXO-T-22 is “ergonomically designed and built for heavy demolition work.”

Easyrig Vario Camera Rig Stabilizer Vest

Hilti’s new tool holder looks a lot like the Easyrig camera support system, and others like it.

Easyrig Camera Rig Stabilizer Vest Holding Gear

Like the Easyrig shown here, the Hilti EXO-T-22 exoskeleton backpack transfers heavy loads to users’ bodies.

The 37 lb support rating is surprising; I have seen Easyrig camera support rigs with load ratings up to 55 and even 70 pounds, and expected a higher rating from the Hilti tool balancer.

Hopefully the Hilti exoskeleton backpack can fold down or collapse a bit for easier storage and transport. But, from the images and reviews on TikTok, it doesn’t look very adjustable.

While the Hilti EXO-T-22 looks sturdy, how much does it weigh by itself? Are there different vest size options?

Hilti has not provided details about battery life, other than saying this will be a Nuron-powered tool.

What happens when the battery is completely drained?

Pricing information is not yet available.