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VSSL Nest Pour Over Coffee System Review

VSSL Nest Makes High-Quality Coffee Available Wherever You Are

Coffee /ˈkôfē/ (noun): The lifeblood that starts your morning, often fuels your afternoon, and sometimes settles your evening. If that unofficial definition resonates with you and you’re often on the go, you have to see what the VSSL Nest Pour Over Coffee System is all about.

VSSL Nest Pour Over Coffee System Basics

At first glance, the Nest looks like a large thermos. It’s 11.5 inches tall with a 3.4-inch diameter. Like all VSSL canister tubes, it’s far more than what it appears to be, though.

Unscrewing the top unpacks the secret that it doubles as a 10-ounce stainless steel mug. Unscrewing the base reveals another. These are double-wall vacuum insulated, helping to maintain the hot temperature of your coffee and protect your hands from the heat.

Coffee Mugs

Go back to the top to unscrew the next section, and you find a screw-on lid for one of your cups.

Mug with Lid

The next section to emerge has a conical shape inside with a slot cut into the bottom. This is your pour-over section. The threads allow you to screw it straight on top of a mug, making sure you don’t lose any of the precious life-sustaining liquid when you’re brewing in the field.

VSSL Nest Pour Over Coffee System

Inside the remaining section, there’s a reusable mesh filter and your instruction manual. Straight out of the box, it’s doing exactly what it’s designed to—storing. It’s where you can hold your beans or grounds, and even has the space to store VSSL’s G25 hand grinder.

G25 Grinder in Storage

What’s not as obvious is that VSSL uses 80% recycled 18/8 304 stainless steel for the metal components. The plastic components are BPA-free.

The only things left are to grind your beans and heat your water.

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G25 and G45 Coffee Grinders – The Perfect Partner

VSSL Nest Pour Over Coffee System and G25 Grinder

For grinding beans, VSSL has you covered as well. The more compact companion to the VSSL Nest is the G25 grinder. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s 6.2 inches tall, 2 inches in diameter, and costs you 12.7 in carry weight. In fact, it fits inside the Nest or VSSL’s AeroPress Go.

With a twist of the top, you activate the stainless steel grinding burrs, and it’s a smooth action. One side of the handle unscrews and flips out to make grinding easier. Before you get started, unscrew the bottom cap and remove the black cone that’s in there. It goes over the top of the handle, giving you an even better grip.

VSSL G25 Grinder

As you grind, the grounds fall into the base cup, where you can easily add them to your VSSL Nest pour-over.

Removing the black cone earlier also showed you the grind settings. There are 50 different ones to choose from by simply twisting the nut, so you can dial in exactly what level of grind you want for the beans you’re carrying.

Grinder Settings

You can grind up to 30 grams of beans and it takes about 60 seconds on average to complete the task.

The capacity of the G25 is great for one cup, but if you’re planning to brew more regularly, the G45 may be more up your alley. It has the same great features but can handle up to 50 grams of beans with a slightly larger 7.2-inch x 2.4-inch size and 21-ounce weight.

VSSL Nest Pour Over Coffee System Price

The Nest comes in a couple of different forms. The full Nest Kit that we reviewed is $75. There’s also a Nest Set designed for single-person use.

A spare mug with a twist-on lid is $25, and spare mesh filters are $10 each.

If you need to add a grinder, the G25 is $160, and the G45 is $220.

The Bottom Line

When your adventure takes you miles beyond the nearest objectively good coffee, the VSSL Nest and G25 Grinder combine to make the refreshment you crave. It’s more than just a portable pour-over coffee maker, though. It’s built rugged to thrive in the elements, whether that’s on the jobsite or in the Rocky Mountains. Best of all, you can brew the perfect cup of coffee away from all the things that stress you out. So, pack your bag with room for your VSSL Nest, head out to wherever your happy place is, and watch the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee at your lips, the sounds of nature in your ears, fresh air filling your lungs, and peace in your heart.