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Bosch AmpShare – What’s New 7 Months Later?

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Nearly 7 months ago, Bosch Tools announced that AmpShare was coming to the USA. So, what’s new?

Bosch AmpShare is built around the brand’s 18V cordless power tool system, and basically opens the battery platform for use with other brands’ cordless power tools.

Bosch said that, in addition to Fein and Rothenberger, 12 partner brands would be launching AmpShare tools in 2023 and 2024.

We’re closing out 2023, and I haven’t heard a peep from Bosch or any other brand about new AmpShare tools coming out here in the USA.

Fein AmpShare Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit AMM 50

Looking around, I did find a single Fein AmpShare cordless oscillating multi-tool that is available at Amazon via 3rd party suppliers. Digging deeper, they have the same tool in a couple of configurations, and also an angle grinder.

I guess that’s a start, but just 2 Fein tools? AmpShare launched in Europe more than a year ago and was announced in the USA around 7 months ago. I expected a little more activity by now.

It seems that Fein didn’t even send out a press release for their AmpShare tool launch. While they’re promoting the MultiMaster on their social media accounts, I only saw one post in the past 3 months that shows an AmpShare battery.

AmpShare has the tagline “Many brands. Many tools. One battery system.” Things seem to be off to a very slow start, but hopefully we’ll see some more new tools in 2024.

I am also a little concerned that Lowe’s is doing little to promote Bosch cordless power tools this holiday season. I was doubly disappointed to have not seen a single AmpShare-compatible tool in stores or online, aside from Bosch.

In my opinion, AmpShare needs 3 things to thrive – broad tool selection, retail support and visibility, and strong marketing. Would anyone say they’ve done a great job at any of this so far?

Bosch and their partners have their work cut out for them. C’mon – you can do it! But will they?

Hopefully things will look very different by this time next year.