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Incredible Black Friday Deal on Bessey Parallel Clamps!

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Over at Rockler, they have this Bessey 4pc K Body Revo parallel clamp set on sale for just $179.99 with free shipping!

The set comes with 2x 24″ clamps, 2x 50″ clamps, and 2x clamp extenders, and is priced to move quickly.

Note: The deal is “temporarily oversold,” but you can still order it! Hurry – there are always limited quantities available.

If you’re not familiar with parallel clamps, they are are used in woodworking applications to apply strong and even pressure across large faces.

Bessey K Body Revo clamps are among the best in the industry.

At the time of this posting, Bessey 24″ clamp (KRE3524), is available for around $60 and up. It’s $60 each at Home Depot.

Bessey’s 50″ clamp (KRE3550) is available for around $62 and up. Home Depot has it for $70 each.

Even ignoring the clamp extension accessory, getting 2x 24″ and 2x 50″ clamps for $180 – and with free shipping – is a great deal.

This is a great combo to start out with – in my opinion, or expand one’s parallel clamp collection. 24″ clamps are great for working with smaller workpieces, and 50″ are sized for working with larger panels or assemblies.

In my opinion, there is no upgrade path from Bessey K Body Revo parallel clamps – these are the best there is. They are somewhat pricey, and deals like this have become increasingly rare.

If you were hoping to score a great deal on parallel clamps for Black Friday, DO NOT PASS THIS UP.

As the clamp set is already sale-priced, it is not eligible for additional discounts. It is unclear as to when this sale will end. Supplies are usually limited, which I cannot stress enough.

At the time of this posting, clicking through out link adds free ground shipping (over $49+) to your Rockler order.

Many retailers also have parallel clamp sets featuring 2x 24″ and 2x 40″ Bessey K Body Revo clamps:

Bessey 2x 24″ + 2x 40″ + Extenders – ~$229 at Amazon
Bessey 2x 24″ + 2x 40″ + Clamp Blocks – ~$233 at Amazon

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